Baths seem to have faded away with our generation. With the homosexual revolution of the nineties and continuing onto today it seems that straight men seem to be over compensating to stay clearly defined from gays. Tragically its been labeled all the sudden that smelling good and having good skin has become gay. This is wrong, gentlemen are taking back the tubs. I love baths, but not as much as I love pussy, so men ease off the homophobia and take care of yourselves. It feels great to have great skin and once you shut the fuck up and soak you’ll know what I’m talking about. Every human being should enjoy a soak at least once a week.

Now lets define a soak. First we are not taking baths to clean ourselves. Baths are for good music, joints or cigars, and a cool beverage preferably with liquor in it. Take a shower first. Get all the filth and grime off you. Now for this you will need some specialty items. First a good liquid body wash that smells good and softens your skin. Next your shampoo. Everyone has different hair so use whatever I used pantene pro v, but started using head and shoulders when my dog got dandruff. And yes I didn’t believe it either but it works great on dogs with dry skin. I mixed it with tick shampoo and that dog smelled so good and skin problem solved. The vet wanted 40 bucks for a bottle of shampoo. Do you know how much shampoo a 176 pound dog uses.

So body wash, shampoo, and go easy on the Head and Shoulders in the bath not sure about soaking in that active ingredient. Next for the skin the bath oil. All different kinds and smells go with what you like I like lavender but the unscented is cheaper and works just as good. The key is if you have dry skin use more oil. If you have city water like me use more oil. And if you have a well use less oil it will never come off in soft water. Next a half shot of rubbing alcohol. This will turn your bath into a full body decontamination and is recommended during cold season. It will not make your eyes burn and you will never know it is there. Also I swear it keeps your tub cleaner longer. Lastly to the bubbles. I’m not really a bubble fan so I use very little. Its an aloe bubble bath that’s good for your skin. And submerge your face a few times for a while it is great for black heads and such. Other then that get a drink and a smoke. If you’re really feeling bold try a candle. And remember to take your time. Baths are for soaking not cleaning that is the showers job. Of course if you want to keep it simple as I do most of the time just put some body wash in the tub fill and apply your ass. A mirror angled just right at the foot of the tub to see the bedroom TV is also great. 

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