Games at parties

Games at parties

I like parties, I like games, but it is simple to get frustrated with the loses of games at parties, but a gentleman does not allow himself to be sullied by the childish folly of games. Win with grace and lose with dignity. Gentleman know when they are beaten and enjoy competition. A worthy advisory is not an enemy to be hated but an adversary to be relished. Metal sharpens metal man sharpens man.

One time I was at this party where they had Foosball with glow bracelets weaved through the players. I highly recommend this. It looked great. So House rules you have to drink twice every time you are scored on. Now games like this are great to lose at because you get really really drunk fast and why else are you at the party. However, some people hate to lose at anything. This pair of guys was running the table, dominating and crushing all. Well this one guy is being a total douchebag to his teammate, screaming at him as if it really helps, and talking tons of shit to the winning team. He was making a big scene getting hotter and hotter as the game went worst and worst till he storms off cursing leaving his girlfriend standing there wondering if she is dating a twelve year old. Now I’m not saying don’t shout. Shout, and laugh your ass off. Don’t forget to curse, but do it in a fun way. Make fun of yourself when you fuck up scoring on your own team. Being a little dramatic never killed anyone, but don’t be a little bitch about it. You should see me play my Zombie game Left for dead. Typically I am screaming into my mic for help as if my face is really being eaten off. Mind you but I’m not angry I’m excited and passionate. Sure I scream “I cant get to him somebody save him!” when a man goes down and I cant get there. My imagination is so vivid I’m in the hotel killing zombies or being beaten to death by the hunters. You should hear me scream while shooting my last rounds before I die. But its excited not angry. So guys have fun while playing stupid games because lets face it. Does it really mean a God damn thing if your the best Foosball player on earth or Left For Dead player. No its just a game. And don’t be a douche and throw the controllers. They cost money brats.

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