Case of the worries


Nothing can be more acidic to your time then a bad case of the worries. So many people are paralyze by the worries that they don’t realize that worrying in all reality accomplishes nothing. Planning accomplishes something, but sitting around feeling helpless and just worrying does not. Not planning, not doing, not accomplishing what ever needs to be done to cure the worries is a waste of time. Get a rocking chair you will accomplish more with that. It drives me crazy when people say they are worried about crap that can be so easily resolved. I’m worried about my kids then shut the fuck up and talk to them. I’m worried I have cancer. Shut the fuck up and go to the doctor. I’m worried I may lose my job. Shut the fuck up and work like a mother fucker and get in there and kiss ass hard to keep it. People seem to be afraid to do something perhaps because they feel they may fail, but really I think they are worried they are right. What happens if you fix your kid problems is it easier to just have them hate you like all other kids now a days? What if you have cancer and have to fight it? What happens if you get fired will you be able to get another job? SHUT THE FUCK UP. Shit will happen! Worrying does not have to happen. America, Gentleman and Ladies. Try the cathartic approach of just doing it. Pull up your boots, stand up straight and proud, and wade through some shit like a Gentleman does. Talk to your kids everyday and be the best parent on earth. Go to the doctor if you think you have cancer. I’m 27 years old and have beaten cancer. It was easy because I caught it early and just had it removed with simple surgery. And I got to have cancer sex; nothing wrong with taking a pity fuck here and there. However I was lucky as shit and to all the real cancer survivors who went through all the treatment and not just a simple surgery on their lip then here’s to you. Work you ass off at your job and kiss your bosses ass. However have some faith in yourself. You don’t need that job your a Gentleman or Lady and you can do what ever you want. We have been to the moon people do you think worriers did that? No they said FUCK YEAH I want to ride in that modified Nuclear missile to the nearest celestial body a quarter of a million miles away. Did worriers Storm the beaches of Normandy? How about cure polio and create penicillin. Did worriers go west with nothing but a wagon, two oxen, and a bunch of children to farm, pan for gold, build their own homes and fight off Indians. Sorry for stealing your country Indians and Mexico. So ask yourself are you a worrier or a Gentleman.

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