Surviving armed assault

Surviving an armed assault on the girl field hockey house

In the city I moved to, the local college is basically merged with the city. The dorms are near city hall, sports fields are by the public library and the student apartments is basically three houses on every block in the city limits. So we are spread out and the epitome of a college city. The college even has the hospitals. Now spread an incredibly high amount of crime into this city and you have a really fun place to live. I

Now across from my apartment was a Breaking and Entering professionals wet dream. In this house pack liked sardines are six incredibly hot rich field hockey players. I hang out with them every now and then and was always trying to get into their pants. Tragically, them knowing I was a dealer basically killed that for me since they came from privileged families. So I was the nice dealer who lived across the street and came by to kick their ass at bear pong once in a while. Also I used their grill and back porch. So we were neighborly.

Well one night I’m on my couch half naked hooking up with a chick when I get a text. Being a dealer I can have sex with many unprivileged coke whores and strippers so I can afford to be neighborly with other girls. CONDOMS! Now I know if I’m getting a text at four in the morning someone is in jail, dead or being shot at. So I get off her to check my phone. All I read in the text from one of the field hockey girls “someone’s in our house.” Now I’m drunk off my ass and high on coke; so jacked up and without thinking I put on my pants. Throw on my shirt, grab my gun and go to run out the door. Now the woman I was in the process of pleasing is also missing cloths and now sees me, read a text message, get off her, grab my cloths, and get my illegal firearm in seconds. I catch a look of terror on her face as I’m cocking my gun and heading out the door. All I say while leaving is “I’ll be right back” with a gun in my hand. I charge across the street putting on my shirt with a gun in my hand. I burst through the front door unlocked as usual, and go to run upstairs. I told these girls time and time again lock your fucking doors. Half way upstairs I realize that the girl who texted me was talking about moving to another room in the house. Which I couldn’t remember because I’m drunk and high on coke. I shout her name and hear my name screamed in response from a down stairs room. I come back down stairs, and in the dark kitchen I see two big ass figures with hoods. It was to dark to see if they were armed, but I’m from the country where we have a shoot first ask questions later motif. Also with an illegal gun you can just plant it on the guy after you kill him saying you took it from him and killed him with it. Don’t like it don’t break into my or my friends houses I will fucking kill you. I raise my gun, aim at the closest one’s face and before I can pull the trigger these mother fuckers ran out the back faster then an Olympic sprinter being chased by a coked up lion. Those mother fuckers were gone, leaving the back door open behind them. One even jumped over the porch railing while fleeing. I shout her name again hearing the response coming from the dinning room. I go into her room not seeing her and I calmly say her name again. I hear my name exclaimed with more happiness and relief then I had ever heard. Even after you make a chick cum my name rolled off her tongue as if it cured cancer. It felt good and the drug dealers heart grew by two sizes. The poor girl was hiding her cute ass behind some cloths under her bed. She was armed to the teeth with a field hockey stick. I give the girl bear mace and she goes with the field hockey stick. Ladies keep it by you at all times. If you have it across the room it is useless. And get the real hiking bear mace. It shots twenty feet and will stop a bear. And gentleman it makes great stocking stuffer for the girls who never lock their fucking doors.

She emerged from her blanket cover redoubt and gives me the biggest hug of my life. She then asks if I have seen anyone. Now I made a split second decision to say “I hadn’t seen anyone, but I want to check the rest of your house so stay with.” I figured she was already scared enough and if I said yeah I almost shot them in your kitchen she may have freaked. So I tell her to stay right behind me while I check the rest of the house for anymore bad guys. I see no one and just before I make my move to get the I saved your life lay cop lights everywhere. Now I’m holding an illegal firearm which would have put me in jail for, five to twenty years, which would suck so I decide to leave at once. I come out the front door gun in my pocket to about four of five armed cops aiming at me. I put up my hands shout “I’m the neighbor here, to help the girls, get in there and do you jobs.” The cops are taken back by my calmness at having four guns at me and giving orders. They all look at each other nod and without saying anything agree with me and charge into the house. I made my escape to my place and hid my gun in the kitty litter box for three days.

All in all it was a great experience. I had never really done anything good with my life and that one stays with me to this day. I know that if I hadn’t shown up the criminals would have had five to ten minutes of unmentionable hell with those sweet assed girls. Of course I was disappointed that I never got to do unmentionable things to them, but once you save a life, that life has an importance to you that is ineffable. You want that person to be happy forever and if I fucked her she would be wanting the rest of her life. I couldn’t do that to her.

So class put foot to ass for your family, friends, and cute field hockey players.

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