S.A.D. Day

All Right America if I read another blog about S.A.D. day which i didn’t even know existed till today I’m going to slap someone.  When did America become so Codependent.  Why can’t you be alone on VDay?  Get a hobby, jerk off, do something other then sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.  Not going to get laid like that.  Your a bad mother fucker, almost as cool as me.  Get off your ass, put down the tissue box, suit up and get out their and tap that ass.  If nothing else you know this is easy single chick day, but no everyone is glass half empty now.  There is a hotty across the hall from me just begging for a good S.A.D. Day dicking, but I already have a date.  Get out there and find her.  Christ America get some balls and self respect.

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