All right America normally I give the advice, but the publishers in all their bean counting, bureaucratic, coast analyzing, pampas windbags, wisdom, have told me my book is good, well written, entertaining, dying for good editor, but a risk because I don’t have following…  What the hell did they do before blogs, Face Book, and Tucker Max.  So I’m forced to break one of the biggest rules of my life and being a Gentleman.  DON’T WHORE YOURSELF OUT ON FACE BOOK!  Never been on Face book and I don’t even have a cell phone I have a magic jack (they rock) home phone, and some how I still can survive in this world.  Why do you all need this over complicated technology?  So codependent you must be in touch at all times?  So here I am laying my anal virginity, and self respect to the masses on the alter of being published.  I have sold out before I even am published:(  So here is the question how the Fuck do I link wordpress to facebook so I can do all the work for the publishers.  I want to publish on wordpress have it go to face book and never touch that cursed site again.  How about some technology help America.  I will tell you how to sail, smoke, live, bang, drink, fight fires, get lost in the woods, go to the movies, play beer pong, foreplay, have threesomes, get away from cops, take care of your hands, take baths, get a coconut, all all the good stuff, but technology that doesn’t involve navigational GPS, or VHF communications I’m lost at sea without a compass.  

17 thoughts on “FUCK FACE BOOK

  1. I find it interesting. We both believe in the same thing but … different ideals and views.

    I’m using Facebook and media because I’m not going to give into the masses …
    Because I do not want to be a sell out, I want to show the world I’m capable. Yes Social media helps but it’s the person, the writing, the interest which helps not facebook.

    It’s another medium to connect with a market you couldn’t reach anywhere else. 🙂

    Interesting, I’m a fan. Keep up the good work and continue to fight the system. Do not give in if you feel like you’re selling out. Never sell out. Your soul and it’s essence will guide you the proper way.

    Good luck ❤

  2. LOVE IT! I was just told the same thing regarding a book that I’m writing, “you need a following”! I asked the same question, “what kind of following did Danielle Steele or Barbara Taylor Bradford have when they put their first books out there?” I’m writing a book with great advice, humor and encouragement and yes, I love my blog but not having 100 likes per post is not going to stop me from putting my book out! Keep going my friend!

  3. Hi Taylor-On your dashboard go to Settings/Sharing then click on “Add new Facebook connection”. It may connect automatically to your Facebook page, or you may need to copy/paste the URL for your page. Good Luck!

  4. On your dashboard under Settings is a Sharing sub-category. Click on that and you will find a bunch of places that you can link your blog to including Facebook. Click on Facebook and the program should take care of the rest. Hope that helps.

    • Not sure if reply went through first time so here we go again. I feel like enormous asshole. This is what Face Book should be used for America and everyone give him money, I’m broke and need to be published or I would. Good luck to you and all your endeavors. I hope some millionaire fat cats (Come on America) finds you and your foundation. I’m going to shut up now because hard to talk with foot in mouth. Good luck and fight the good fight.

      Taylor Oceans

      • Thank you!!! He’s a preacher, a pastor, a missionary and has devoted his entire life to help others, someone has got to be out there who can afford to donate around $200,000!!!

  5. I’m 33, and I miss the days where there is not much technology as we have today.
    I use Facebook for connect to my family and old friends that I met in my school.

  6. ah, so this explains why so many ppl come to my page trying to connect …they’re trying to establish a following…

    i have seen some wonderful writers fail at attempts to sell well-written books here…but i give you my blessing and hope you succeed. I do believe this is absurd for publishers to expect authors to form a following but it kinda makes sense… they are trying to save money by having the author market the product/self first…and they make more $…the book is more likely to succeed.

    not to discourage you but the problem is that books are not selling anymore. another bookstore is going out of business again. Everyone has too much free stuff to read online so they dont need to go borrow books from the library or purchase any at the bookstore.

    I did buy one for myself recently but it is a rare occasion that i shell out $ for books anymore. The kids buy me nook books for my b’day/xmas/mothers day. but, even they dont buy books; they just buy films.

    the world really is too busy to read anymore…when they get off of work, they a re tired and have too much to do, so they relax with the tv. But, there are plenty of seniors who have discretionary income who might still buy…u got any topics that they might enjoy?…or an action packed film possibility?

  7. ” I will tell you how to sail, smoke, live, bang, drink, fight fires, get lost in the woods, go to the movies, play beer pong, foreplay, have threesomes, get away from cops, take care of your hands, take baths, get a coconut, all all the good stuff, ”
    Umm….That was sort of delicious. Ya married?

  8. Hey are u all set? I saw your facebook page, but have you been able to blog here and post it to the page? How about using twitter to promote your posts?

    • i have no idea what I’m doing or how I’m doing this. Hated computers all my life till twenty five days ago and I started blogging. Now I still hate them but I blog. Open to all forms of help, advice, or information. Didn’t even have face book till ten days ago. not sure how to twit 1,000 words.

  9. New to your blog, so i see you managed to set up facebook already. I’m not fond of technology either. I have had a broken cell phone ( it can only make phone calls when on speaker phone) for over two years and its not a “smart” phone. So, i dont really follow this advice but i know it has worked for some people to gather a big following. You already connected to facebook. You can make a twitter account and you dont actually tweet parts of your story. You can tweet the link for the entries. Or a one liner and link. Same for Pinterest. You can pin a picture with blog links. Twitter is especially helpful cause thats how you would get noticed to be freshly pressed here on wordpress. Once you get freshly pressed its like scoring an ad on yahoo articles. So that increases your following alot. You can make generic accounts on google and stuff. The more sharing options you have the more people can click on it and spread your stuff around. If you want to be published though I suggest following book community stuff. Good reads. Amazon. Facebook pages. That sort of stuff. The book community is awful supportive. Also you can do a self publishing ebook. Maybe not THEE book you want to publish. But something else on the side to generate a selling base and establish your name. The whole point is to gather this underground following with people already dedicated and willing to BUY your book. Book companies dont like to take chances. They want to flip a buck quick. So giving someone a chance that already has a following is a good thing for everyone. Love your stuff. Keep at it!

  10. Taylor found you on facebook and added you as a friend (building your following LOL) and I see you linked your posts. I don’t think being on facebook is selling out, but I hear what you are saying. Unfortunately, I really need to create a separate facebook page away from friends, family, work and separate out the writing personality from the rest. Hang in there and most important keep writing. Have you read Hunter Thompson’s work? You remind me of him for some reason.

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