Thanks again

Thanks for restoring my faith just a little in humanity.  When I posted that I was unsure what would happen.  Two people got to me in minutes and I just wanted to say thanks again.  I have hung a BMW upside down on a cliff over a river at 16 while people drove by.  A small boy in a flipped over car, that was tittering on a forty foot high cliff and if I survived the fall I would have drowned.  O yeah and leaking gas.  I had to punch through the window and drag my own ass out.  Thanks for being Gentleman and Ladies Susan Bellfield, and ankoku1331 they are Gentleman approved.     

3 thoughts on “Thanks again

  1. I understand how sometimes ppl are so scared to be trouble or distracted from their routine, they rather watch you die. A few weeks back I witness a motor bike accident in Vietnam. The boy that crash was on the ground choking on his own blood and shaking furiously. There was about 20 to 30 ppl that surrounded him, but they all just watched, there was a lot of blood. The doc said he fractured his skull, broke a leg and a few other things. I lost my new white La coste shoes, which became a dark redish colour and had to get a blood test. Although it took hours of papper work and questions, costing me money and time, even risking being infected. I realised some of us are even more heartless than animals, and if we want their help, we have to pay….common sense has become a super power.

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