Her Day

A relaxing movie day for her

After sickness, intense hangovers, passing the fuck out, cramps or even a bad day. This is the perfect cave day to spoil your woman. Spoil your woman as a gentleman should. Give this to a lady when she has cramps and when she is done with that hell you will be able to do shit to her you only dreamt of. Everyone knows that the best way to start the day is to have breakfast made for you with her choice of three beverages consisting of bloody marry, mimosas or Kahlua and coffee. Don’t get hung up on getting it to her in bed because most of the day will be in bed so the leg stretch is welcome relief after sleeping. I recommend eggs in a basket, pancakes, or french toast with a side of bacon and or sausage and to be the advance gentlemen throw in some hash browns or toast.

After you have the breakfast portion you will move onto the first movie and munchy phase. First you will need your bedroom to be around 60 degrees so that you want to bundle up in your bed. Adequate pillows and soft blankets is of course a must. Next you will need old movies I recommend 20,000 Leagues under the sea, Bony and Clyde, Butch Casidy and the Sundance kid, Operation petty coat, or Bird Cage. Next you will need three of your favorite munchies for each person. I’m talking combos, sour cream and cheddar chips, pringles, donuts holes, beef jerky, ice cream or Popsicle. Lastly for food and beverage is the beverage part. Either a favorite soda, juice, or even the classic chocolate milk or continue your mimosas. You will need to do some research before procuring this list although this list is a great place to start. After this you will need to watch one more movie before moving onto the dinner portion of the night.

Now for the brass ring you will need to have a BBQ with the last two movies; one being the cooking movie the latter being the eating and digestion movie. These movies will move forward in time to the 90’s chick flicks. Your selection to offer her is Twister, Volcano, Pretty woman, American president, Dave, How to loss a guy in ten days, Sahara, or What Woman Want. You will need to serve steak, potatoes, with a salad although check for her favorite veggie. Now again this is the outdoor movie BBQ you have to have a dinner table, citronella candles or tikies, for the bugs and the TV and movie set up outside. I have left an old Tube TV and VCR outside for a summer using it once a week on a porch with a roof. It works great and the suckers cost thirty bucks at thrift stores so I just get a new one every year or my friends hand me downs. If you have no Roof over your porch get off your ass and hook it up on a table facing the Dinner table. Just rig up a simple book case, table or night stand for the T.V. With an extension cord. Use a smaller TV it doesn’t matter when your watching outside, but more power to ya for schlepping out the big screen. Be sure to have a three pronged extension cord with a muli plug hooked up to it you will need at least four plugs for T.V., DVD, blender, Desk light for cooking, Christmas lights for cheap ambiance, and music although I run speaker wire out my window to hook speakers to my computer for a better music selection. Make a BBQ play list. A Burned CD with CD player will do the job or Ipod but I’m old. I recommend a mix of Bob Marley, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra and certain songs by Diana Krall. Placing the TV right will get you both on the same side of the table so tender rubbing and kissing is easier. Set it up last supper style. To conclude the evening her favorite drink either wine in wine bucket, hooking up a blender because you have to hook up power for the TV anyway, or liquor drinks with ice bucket.

Complete the night by returning to bed. Now I know what your thinking, but only if she is one hundred percent in the mood will sex transpire, and don’t forget this works for cramps and sex with that red tied should be a random thing although this is the time to swing for it in the shower if you want. If you don’t have sex you get even more points later so no shame in holding out. Finish the night with either returning to classic 90’s such as Happy Gilmore, Space balls,history of the world, Down Periscope, McAils Navy, Major pain; or go with the classics of all times to Ben Hur or fall of the Roman Empire. These classic movies are very long so plan accordingly, but the main conclusion of this night is her falling asleep in your bed. Be sure to establish sleeping rules before you go for this because after this day she is going to sleep hard. Before she goes to sleep get some extra points by giving her shot guns till she falls asleep. If you don’t know what a shot gun is you’re too young for this book.

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6 thoughts on “Her Day

  1. Wow, you are one thoughtful and clever dude…so thorough, and attentive…what a guy!

    Love that scenario on the outdoor bbq. You’re adorable. ummm, if you can remember…throw some sheers over the scene and make it seem like a tent, and to keep the bugs out… lol 🙂

    I guess I am too young; shotguns? 🙂

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