Our Choice

I guess the message I’m trying to preach to my disciples is it’s never to late to change and never give up hope and faith in yourself. Life is full of death and suffering but how we face those moments is how we distinguish ourselves as Gentleman. Spread the word America, make the right choice and pay it forward. It’s never to late to change.  Cheers to Zach a true Gentleman.

Taylor Oceans

12 thoughts on “Our Choice

  1. Awesome song! Thanks for showing love on our blog. The Think On It blog is a blog created by students of the Alfred E. Smith YABC program in the South Bronx. Students who are trying to change their lives around. We have an awareness page on our blog and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind if we shared your video on our blog under our awareness page. My name is Joseph Vazquez, I’m Lead advisor at the YABC program and I’m one of the chief editors for the blog. I think our students would benefit from viewing your video and give them some perspective on life.

    • Just my blog bro not my vid talk to Zach, but I just found him on youtube today. But you have my all clear. Kids should learn how hard life can be but to enjoy the sugar it can provide. I remember my first kiss. To get a shred of that innocence back for a second would be a gift. Life of no worries just does Sara like me circle yes or no 🙂 O to be young again! I’m sure he would not mind and that he wants his story told. Anyone with a story of survival, balls, and success, like this dude should be told and puts my story in the kids section. Sorry been drinking more articulate normally. I’m going to shut up now spread the gospel dude carry the torch. We all can change. From an x drug dealer who found writing much more.. fulfilling. clean this up for the kids will ya?

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