When she breaks your nose during sex

When she breaks your nose during sex

So one night I’m plowing this chick missionary in my bedroom. Everything is going great I’m fucking are hard and she’s loving it. Now I can tell that her next cum was going to be huge. I grabbed a handful of hair and whisper into her ears I want you to cum all over my cock. Just as soon as I had uttered these words into her ears she came thrashing around as she normally does and she fucking headbutted me. She hit me square in the nose. I was forced out of her and onto my desk across the room clutching my face. In complete shock we both just stood there naked for a second. Me with a broken nose expecting the blood to start running, and her recovering from an amazing orgasm, wondering if she should apologize or try to get one more out of me. Undaunted by the excruciating pain in my face I took a big gulp of my rum and coke and got back in there quite literally. Luckily my nose was not bleeding, so I figured maybe I can take the pain long enough to get mine, and then be done for the night. So after 10 more minutes of sex I start to notice that she is staring at my nose. Realizing I hadn’t even seen myself in the mirror yet I turn my head to the mirror on my closet. Gents put mirror on your closet door so no matter where your banging in your bed room you can line up the mirror. I then notice how truly fucking crooked my noses is. In horror I pull out and go to the bath room to the sounds of her going yeah sorry about your nose I may be able to fix it. You see she was an athletic trainer so she came across this stuff all the time on the sports fields. The problem is I hadn’t realized she had just graduated and had probably done this procedure once before if I was lucky. She applies her thumbs to my crooked ass nose and boooooom. She popped that fucker back in and it looks OK. Kind of funny because when I nibble on her neck now I can feel how the tip never healed right. You get what you pay for and in my case my nose was fixed by a naked lube covered hotty who just came all over me. My nose fixed, I resolved to pay my medical bill with a few more cums and then go to sleep. I sucked back on another rum and coke, took the pain, and tagged it a few more times.

So class remember when she breaks your nose take it like a gentleman and get back in there. (As long as your not bleeding, because lets face it that would just be weird pounding a chick with blood all over your face like some horny zombie.)

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