Protesting done right


In this country we have a right to speak our minds and take to the streets. Now I’m leaving the politics out of this one because who am I to tell you your politics. I’ll tell you how to smoke, fuck, or sail, but to tell you your politics would be morally presumptuous. Gentleman respect peoples politics and religions. So lets begin.

First a good pack to hold your stuff I use the same pack I take day hiking. Small special forces medic bag with compression straps to keep it small. Next your cloths. Personally I wore a suit so when I took over the government I would have something to wear. Most people go with every day cloths, and it doesn’t really matter unless your group is specifically wearing something to stick together. When I was in SDS my group wore orange bandanas over our faces. These are good because they show our uniformity and hide your faces so the secret service doesn’t put you on watch lists. So pack, bandana, and good clothes that can deal with the weather of your protest. Check the weather before you riot. I will tell you tear gas is useless in the rain. Go Viet Cong on their asses and let the weather fight for you. Dien Bien Phu anyone look it up? A gas mask is always a good idea. Military surplus stores carry all different kinds and if you got the money spring for the m 18 or m 21 American mask. It has a drinking tube and its flush design gives the cops less to grab onto because they will try to take it off you. If your really going to start some hell a helmet and or some light lacrosse pads would not be a bad idea. Lacrosse pads are the lightest pads you can buy and you could wear some under your cloths without it being too obvious. Somebody check force of Lacross ball and rubber bullet might be close.

And lastly a shield. Take an ordinary traffic highway cylinder. The big orange mama’s with the rubber bottoms. First those bottoms are heavy as shit, flip over the cylinder and that heavy base just falls off. It is not really attached. Dropping the base will make it much easier to carry back to your house. Next cut the cylinder into three equal pieces. One cylinder can make three basic shields or two big shields. Depending on your size I leave this choice to you. I’m a runt and can get behind smaller shit then your common protestor so my shield is smaller. Leave the height uniform so the roman testudo (look it up) is obtainable if you have such a disciplined force. Cut the top off the cylinder, but leave a little rim for structure. Now you can leave as is and put on your arm straps by drilling holes and attach a leather belt with zip ties where your arms go, but its a little flimsy for my taste. If you have an hour, a saw and 15 dollars you can make one great shield and have enough resources left over to make two more, but they will take more time. So go to the hardware store and get a piece of four by eight luan wood, and some heavy zip ties. To push it to 20 bucks get some duct tape. Luan is three layers of plywood glued together under intense pressure and heat and makes a very strong light weight board. Take it and cut a piece the height of the shield and the width of one third the shield. Place the piece on the center of the shield and drill twelve holes in it. These will be done in pairs three inches apart and will be used to attach the board to the plastic. Put a pair in every corner and on the sides and run your zip ties through them. Repeat this for the sides of the shield and when you’re done you will have three pieces of wood attached to the plastic shield. The key is the Key & Stone design. The center piece should be flanked by the side pieces so that the sides of the center piece are reinforced : We call that a triptych cut in wood shop or cut. If you have the extra duck tape cover the wood in tape before you attach it to help stop splinters, but this wood does not splinter easily. Add some paint, get those animals off those horses chants and raise some hell like our forefathers. Add some water, cigs, med kit, vinegar to neutralize tear gas (put on bandana when gassed) and some condoms. You have yourself an equipped protester ready to charge.  And yeah that’s me in the front of the column with the damn fine tie, shield, and pack.


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