Thanks followers all 505 of ya

Just wanted to say thanks for following my blog.  I have gotten 505 in just over 20 days. When I started this I was worried that without the second half of My Life people would see only the beginning of my story and not the resolution.  I wrote this book and wanted to see how the public would accept it.  Well this post marks the half way point in the book I have written and am blogging. I want you all to know that the resolution will be posted when I hit 1,000 followers. As a thanks for reading my book.  The beginning of my life which you read is the hook for the book while the last chapter is a resolution and conclusion to my old life and the beginning of my new one.  The final rules of being a Gentleman and the way your hand should be played.  So tell your friends spread the gospel and I will do my best to keep you entertained and reading till then.  So thanks again and stick around for the conclusion of my book Playing your hand right: Tales of a Gentleman to be released when I have 1,000 followers.  

Thanks for following

Taylor Oceans 

2 thoughts on “Thanks followers all 505 of ya

  1. Hey dude, great blog you got over here. When i got some free time I’ll probably scroll back to the beginning to catch up so if you see random comments and your stats bugging out that’s probably me! P.s. thanks for stopping by blog( it was a week or two ago ) and following my blog. Glad i finally got around to popping over here. Keep up the good writing!

  2. Thanks for liking and following my humble production. In more than twice as many days I got way less than 1/10 the followers you did. You must be doing something right! Or I doing something wrong. Or something . . . Thanks again!

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