Strip Clubs

Strip Clubs

I spent a lot of time at strip clubs since I dealt out of it. While doing this for two years me and the girls got very close. Well, these guys were on the rail drinking beer like the white trash they are and not throwing money. Well my friend is up there shaking her ass and these guys are blocking her from making money off some other chump. If your sitting on the rail you tip its a law. So I as nicely as possible go up there throw twenty bucks and say “she’s hot come on guys throw some doe” as a bro not as some dick head for the record. Well, they did not appreciate it. I apologized because a Gentleman never fights in a club. It kills the mood and accidents always happen. Do you want to accidentally hit a hot chick because your drunk and missed the dudes face… I don’t. So I make peace and return to my booth. Well a few beers later these necks come up to MY VIP booth and start shit. The dick says “What do you think your money is better then mine?” Now I’m a smaller dude and my very very large bud who has known me since six grade is a little protective. He gives me the can I kill them look and I signal no. All I do is start a ten second countdown in my mind. TEN, NINE, “Come on pussies” they shout at us. EIGHT, My bud is pleading with his eyes to be allowed to kill them. SEVEN, SIX, he takes his cheap beer and breaks my champagne glass. FIVE, my bud stands up ready to kill. FOUR, I gently restrain my friend without getting up. He sits back down, THREE, “Yeah thought so you rich pussy”. TWO, ONE and my plan is enacted BOOOOOOM. Remember when I said I was dealing out of the club? Well everyone was in on it the bouncers, the Manager and I knew I wouldn’t have to raise so much as a finger before some bouncer throws them out like a frisbee. The bouncers picked those two mother fuckers up so fast and threw them out you’d of thought the bouncers shoved rockets up their asses. And like a flash the glass was cleared, replaced, filled and comped. And the night was mine.

The lesson here is don’t fight at clubs especially for some imaginary offense. Also fighting is a vulgar activity. When I’m drinking champagne at 200 a bottle and I’m in my suit I’m not in the mood to ruin either. I just want to drink, make some money, and get back rubs from the girls. Lastly treat the dancers (if you can hang upside down twenty feet in the air with nothing but a pole and your incredible thighs you get to be called a dancer) with respect. Sure throw money, hoot your asses off, I got one off and had sex with another, but never force yourself on them, or miss treat them in any way. Play your cards right and act like a Gentleman and they will be eating out of your hand.

2 thoughts on “Strip Clubs

  1. You should get a Youtube and write a book too, you’ve collected alot of wisdom through your life. I dunno how you were raised but you picked up some love, somewhere… *interesting post!*

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