The New Gentleman

As promised sorry for being late.  The ending to my life. What do you guys think?

I resolved to be a Gentleman. But, not the stodgy wigs of old. The tea drinking bastards that start wars, but never bleed in them. The profiteers and the war criminals would not due to my example. I would redefine Gentleman. The Gentleman is neither a sissy nor something to be ridiculed or trivialized, it is the final step of becoming a true man. A gentleman does what’s right and what’s hard (what she said), no complaints. He is a steadfast, ostentatious icon who will give up his life for truth, justice and the American way while juggling the abilities to make a martini, avoid SWAT & properly seduce a stripper. A gentleman knows what must be done and how to do it. As The Duke once said, “You must be a man before you can be a Gentleman.”

In this crazy, fast-paced, computerized world, it seems that the word ‘gentleman’ has become lost to the times. Gone like fins on cars and the cod pieces of the past. I think it’s lost because no one has taken the time to redefine this word and how it pertains to our times. Will this book tell you to get the door for women? Yes. Will it tell you how a gentleman gets a lap dance? Again, yes. How about protesting or blowing a line? We’ll cover them, too. This book will establish how the new gentleman of our times walks, talks, fucks, sails and buys drinks. How about airport security, sex toys, and river trips? Again covered. We are going to enter the info age with a new look and new set of rules. Some of this will not pertain to you, much of this will offend you, but I guarantee that there is at least one good piece of information in my tale’s for you. So let’s begin…

14 thoughts on “The New Gentleman

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  3. Check the art of manliness, which focuses on a similar goal for men. You have an interesting blog and a penchant for good writing, look forward to more posts.

  4. Good to be back and seeing your ink again. :)…this is a wonderful topic and needs to be expounded on …just a suggestion.. :)…we need more guys writing to advise men….but, not too sure about the lap dance…jiggling parts in your face does not induce nobility of character, in my view 🙂

  5. Just a quick question, is this meant to be a proposed conclusion to the book about your life you are working on and posting here? ( the first sentence says this is the ending) … It’s just to me this reads more like an introduction in my opinion.. Great words and meaning either way.

  6. Sounds great. I’m ready for the “ride” 😉 And also congratulations on such a huge following in such a short time. You’ve got every right to celebrate!

  7. You are definitely on to something with this post. I think that given what I have read about your life from this blog, you would have a lot to contribute in terms of “redefining” the modern gentleman. I particularly liked your assertion that a gentleman does what’s right and what’s hard.

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