Inspiring Blogger Award

What the hell is the inspiring blogger award? I have been nominated two or three times and thanks by the way.  Am I supposed to nominate other writers because I am not an authority on writing or blogging.  I have blogged for not even two months, and have never been published.  We all have different preferences in writing and different tastes every day.  Some days I love the humor, others days I want my heart ripped out by a great tragic story.  Other days I just want to read the normal lives of people to be reminded that the whole world is not screwed up.  Some people’s biggest problem is who to take to prom and that is refreshing that innocence and white picket fences are still alive.  Anyone who writes inspires others because reading other people’s opinions open ourselves to new ideas.  I could never judge others writings so I nominate ALL WRITERS in all forms for the inspiring blogger award.  For showing that man can still use logic, peace and wisdom if only for the moments he is at the keyboard.  We all will die but our writings will be here teaching, and influencing, the future.  Long live the writers. 



22 thoughts on “Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. OMG, i was just about to write on this very topic…awards..and the inanity of them. I thank you and salute you for this wonderful piece on the subject. You have my greatest respect now, as you have acknowledged what i have felt all along …

    *bows to you, with all sincerity..!!

  2. Inspiring! They ARE like chain letters, and labor intensive. But it does give us a chance to share and discover other bloggers. I play pretty fast and loose with the requirements, and the Blog Police haven’t nabbed me yet. I haven’t even been scolded.

  3. They are like chain letters, but at least in this case they are chain letters showing (and reminding us to show) a little appreciation. I’d rather get one of those than “if you don’t pass this on to 20 people something terrible will happen blah blah blah”

    I think I like your nomination best. Long live the writers!

  4. You are a good writer, you can’t fake that or drown it in noise, that might be why you were nominated. Writing is writing, and I think you either have it or you don’t. And you, my friend, have it.

  5. What they said. Under normal email and social media circumstances I never do chainmail. But I was touched when another blogger found me in the sea of millions of voices..across Oceans

  6. I like the fact that you seek the variety in content. That’s what many of us want…myself included! But I am learning that each blog site needs a “root identity.” Something that it is known for. That’s the trick, in my opinion. They can offer a number of topics but be “known” as a go to source for a certain kind of topic.

    I am still looking for my “thing,” but hope to zero in on it soon. Continued success to you, and thanks for your visit to my site!


  7. “Anyone who writes inspires others because reading other people’s opinions open ourselves to new ideas” Very truthful line.

  8. I completely agree with you.
    Just want to thank you for following me. Despite English it’s not my native language, I promise I will write something in English as soon as I can,
    NIce blog. See you then! :).

  9. the-liebster-blog-award-l-x8arhg.jpg

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blogger Award

    There are Three Rules of 11′s’ to observe for this award and they are:
    1. Answer the 11 questions posed by the nominator and ask 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate.
    2. Share 11 random items about yourself.
    3. Nominate 11 bloggers in return (with 200 followers or less*).

    My 11 Questions for you:
    1. Who is the one teacher that influenced your life the most?
    2. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
    3. What is your most important accomplishment to date?
    4. What makes you laugh?
    5. Where do you like to write, do you have a special place?
    6. How do you motivate yourself?
    7. What are one or two of your favorite memories?
    8. What kind of music do you like and do you listen to music when you write?
    9. Do you have other creative outlets that you do?
    10. What is your favorite thing to do other than writing?
    11. What is your favorite book?

  10. funny blog 🙂 chain letters are annoying, and I suppose awards are too, but the thing is about awards is that everyone wants at least one. Thanks for the salute to all writers out there–we all need recognition. And thanks, by the way, for following my blog.

  11. lol this is great, thanks for the link, this is part of my philosophy as well, it’s so hard to pick other bloggers, and I never want to leave anyone out. So the award I offered you, just take it as a thank you, if you choose not to do anything with it, I completely understand. Thanks for following, take care, Sage

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