2007 Gentleman and Ladies approved

Thank you disciples for reading my writing.  I’m blown away by your wonderful comments, and how many of you there are; all 2007 of ya.  With 1500 word press and 500 face book Taylor Oceans check it out.   Now I’m going to have a drink, some Chinese, and drive a woman crazy in my sex swing to celebrate.  Keep reading, tell your friends and I will keep you entertained.


9 thoughts on “2007 Gentleman and Ladies approved

  1. I’m a people watcher. I enjoy learning how they think and view the world. We all have story’s to tell. For some they translate things into wonderful works of fiction. For others, we need an outlet for our truths. I am not aspiring to be a writer, a published teller of tales. I just share my story, to allow myself to let go of things that do me no good to keep inside, but might be something that reaches out to a person and touches them. I hope that it brings understanding to the friend or relative of an addict, so that they can let go of being angry, and accept that sometimes there is nothing they can do but wait. I hope that my truths might reach an addict who is ready to step into the recovery phase, but just needs to know that there really is hope. I hope that a person in recovery will see that they are not alone and we all fumble about, make mistakes, but don’t get discouraged and give up.
    So Oceans, if you have a ” following ” you must be doing something worth doing. In my opinion ( yes, I’m aware of the asshole clause ) as a rule people will either like your work because it touches them or because they have never encounter a person who is so convoluted in their views that like a car accident so horrifying, you just can’t look away.
    I think you have words worth reading because they can add something positive to my life.

  2. what can i say! thanks for wandering into my humble little blog. i must say, tis my birthday today and from this point forward, your blog is on my readers list…cheers.. (as i raise a glass of red), steve.

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