A Silent Vow

A Silent Vow

Most people don’t get jaded until they are at least twenty to thirty. While some realized there was something wrong with their fellow man at a very young age. Rewind a life tape to late nineties and a boy is learning to drive a stick shift. Now this little boy had been saving his entire short fifteen year old life to buy himself a car. You see he was always competitive and when his mother remarried he became the youngest of five ranging from 15 to 20. All of his older siblings fought over the car and he wanted to be the first to get his own car so he would answer to no one when he wanted to go some where. Well he saved up all his pennies and his mom helped him by matching every dollar he put into the bank as an exercise in savings. For years he saved his pennies better then any kid his age till he saved up 3,000 buck 1500 of which was his own money. So the boy is 15 and he has bought a red BMW. Don’t let that fool you, a Cuban refugee would call it “A piece of lizard shit on a hot day”. But the boy was so proud. He was about to get his learners permit and being from a small town his mom said he could drive out the drive way and take a left. She figured even this boy couldn’t hurt himself on two miles of road. So the kid hoped into his car one day after school and said he was going to the dead end and back to practice his stick shift. He leaves and due to a combination of shitty driving, even crappier roads, and a sun glare at just the right time the boy flips his car upside down flying twenty feet before landing on the roof.

The car slides, on its roof, towards a cliff over a river. Since it was a small town, technically a village, there are no guard rails. Upside down, still buckled into his seat, the boy sees the oncoming cliff, over a river, with only a few small trees in the way. The car smashes into a tree on the passenger side smashing the door. The car bounces into another tree on the driver side door pinning the boy onto the center console by gently placing the driver side door on his leg and hip. The car bounces off this tree facing the car perfectly towards the cliff it’s about to slide over. The young boy knows that if the car doesn’t stop its a thirty foot drop onto a small beach or a river. He remembers playing on that beach, getting a huge chopping block and sailing around the point it over looks. The car loosing momentum, but still moving towards the cliff, crushes two more small trees and the hood goes over. The boy feels the car teetering over the cliff as it slides over. He sees nothing out the windshield but beach and river thirty feet down. He dangles upside down pined by the door that was neatly placed in his lap via oak tree number two. Then the car stops…

The small tree just before the cliff has gotten stuck in the sun roof. The boy realizes the car is still running and wheels still turning. It happened so fast he still has his foot on the gas. He shuts off the ignition and takes in the new situation he finds himself. He is pinned in his seat by the door that was smashed onto his left leg. The other door is smashed and wont open and strangely none of the windows are shattered. Then he smells gas. Out of the pan and into the fire he thought. This boy was always a bit of a fatalist and a bond fan. He knew a flipped car plus leaking gas equals fiery death. The count down begins in his head. Three… I’m going to die a virgin, Life fail! He knows the engine is trashed and smoking and gas is everywhere. He watches it pool under him and run down the windshield towards the engine. Two… I never sailed the world so many times I forgot how many times, Life fail! He knows that when the gas gets to the dashboard it will blow. He is strangely calm. He knows that only once in your life is there no point in fighting. There is not enough time to get his leg free, break a window and get clear. One… I never had sex with six to ten woman on a boat, Life fail! He watches the catalyst of his death flow into the dash… Nothing… He sits there ready to be roasted by God and nothing.

He says fuck it I’m gone! Luckily he is a runt of the litter and worms his leg free. He may have only survived the car being crumbled around him because he was small enough. He then unbuckles his seat belt, not realizing it is the only thing keeping him in his seat; the car is upside down. As soon as he hits the buckle, the seat belt retracts snagging his left shoulder; he falls dislocating it. Simultaneously his head smashes into the handle to open sun roof. Remember it’s a piece of shit and the sun roof has a hand crank opening. 81 BMW baby. This heavy metal plate impacts the boys forehead and may have knocked him out; this is a little blurry. The boy with a dislocated shoulder, major headache and covered in gas says “Fuck… I got this.” He resolves to punch out the drivers side window to escape. Slam… Did I mention it was a 15 year old runt he can’t break a window swinging in that cramped space. Smash… The boy says to himself, “Look fucker do you want to burn to death? Or get the hell out of here, grow up to be a bad ass, and bang six to ten chicks on your sail boat? BOOOOOOOM. The boy smashes the window and he is free. He climbs out of the car, with a dislocated shoulder, just in time to see an oncoming car. Finally… Help… This is over. He waves his right arms because he can’t lift his left. The car passes close enough so the driver and the boy can lock eyes. The boy read apathy in the drivers eyes, as the car passed by. At fifteen the boy made a silent vow to himself. If he ever saw someone who needed help he would. He would never stoop to the servile level of leaving a small boy, next to a wrecked car, on the side of the road.

The boy knew he had to finish this himself. Cowboy up. He slammed his shoulder into the trunk of his car to knock it back in, as he had seen Mel Gibson do in lethal weapon, and surprisingly worked on the second knock. He then ran a mile home so pumped up on adrenalin he didn’t even notice the piece of gas in his shoe that shredded his foot. The boy grew up, lived a interesting life to say the least and is writing this story for you now.

But, he never forgot his vow to help others in need. Gentleman always stop.

P.S. And thanks followers yesterday was my best day with 965 view and 175 new followers.  Thanks for reading and tell your friends.  Maybe I will get published.

44 thoughts on “A Silent Vow

  1. Wow…..just wow! You’re right too, true gentlemen and ladies too….they help their fellow man/woman. I’d have stopped….

  2. I’ve never understood people that don’t help others in situations like this. I recall riding my motorbike home from a family vacation, light rain coupled with an aqua-plain saw me slide under and over to the side of the road. Lucky, it was only at 25 kph and my gear protected me. While trapped under the sizable metal bike, two cars and one person on a push bike past me, none stopping to help. I had blackout out upon contact with the road and my helmeted head and much like you thought ‘fuck it, I’ll move it my self.’ Then continued to ride 550 km home.

    I’ve always been the kind to help someone in need, but I don’t understand why some can’t.

  3. Hmmm … german engineering!!!!
    Always help some one, you never know when their help will be needed in return…

  4. Im guessing that this story has gotten you laid for years on end… 🙂 Seriously, it’s absolutely astonishing, miraculous (Someone Totally Loves You), and shows your quick thinking and bravery as well. I would have had a panic attack, peed on myself and blubbered until I died or someone like you came by and saved my sorry butt. Kuddos, youre my hero.

  5. That is incredible. I am always surprsed at who stops. I have a very old VW kombi that breaks down a lot. It’s never the rich guys who stop. It’s always a homeless guy, a student, a dude in a car even older than mine. They always help.

  6. Why not stop and help?
    Great read.
    Glad I stumbled across your blog. I love the way you write.
    And good luck getting published. Only thing stopping you, is you! 🙂


  7. Wow! What a beautiful story! It was suspence filled and I just couldn’t take my eyes of the page till I got to the very end.
    You were such a brave kid and you’ve grown to become a grateful adult worth emulating.
    I’m so glad I read your story!
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. It is 10:45pm where I am. I am sitting in my bed, alone. My 2 year old daughter is asleep in the next room and my 5 month old son is asleep in his bassinet at the foot of my bed. The hubby is out with friends. I had planned to make it an early night & catch up on what sleep I can. However, I am now insanely obsessed with your blog and feel this need to read. Every. Single. Post. I cannot stop. You rock =)

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  10. You’ve got quite an ability to spin a yarn. This was a great story and I really enjoyed your blog. It’s good to see that there are still good people in this world.

  11. Great story, and well-written. I can’t understand why any publisher would pass on your book, if it’s like this. Thanks for the follow.

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