3000 BABY

I hit 3000 disciples hell yeah and thanks everyone for reading and enjoying.  3,000 followers on 60 days HELL YEAH.  On Monday I’m beating the streets as promised to get published.  May all of you have wonderful sex tonight and thanks again for reading.  Use condoms.  New chapter coming in a few days.  Thanks again

17 thoughts on “3000 BABY

      • oh certainly. do not underestimate your draw. But, sheeeet, I aint a bad writer my damn self. I only came across your blog because you liked something I wrote. My friend tells me all the time, “if you write it, they will come.” And Im not pressed for followers per se, but at your rate, I was feeling like a loser. ha

      • yeah girl most of your stuff is published uncategorized. I publish in twenty or so sections with every story. Don’t beat yourself up get in that edit page and use twenty categories. Glasses, woman, women, (use all kinds of spellings) sex, opinion, humor, father (is my biggest collector), families, friends, and so on. copy the list into your tags commas in between. Use same list for categories. Get the computer spiders working for ya. I hate spiders, but the digital ones are working for me like ants.

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