CAN I GET A HELL YA FOR THE LITTLE GUY?  Month four and four thousand disciples   Word Press I love you.  Face Book catch up!  Tell your friends Taylor Oceans on FB. 3,500 on word press and 500 on face book.  Why the huge difference I will never know.  Anyway just wanted to say thanks and sorry for not posting as much, but as promised I’m approaching publishers for my book PLAYING YOUR HAND RIGHT: TALES OF A GENTLEMAN.  So far twelve no’s, but I will not stop till I get my boat.  Anteris 44i Samuri if any sailor are reading this.  What a boat!  I masturbate to the video below.  Yeah I said it, but look at that boat.  Agh, the instrument panels.  Full generator room.  O God navigational desk with chart case.  Christ all mighty, washer dryer combo.  Don’t stop, three state rooms and two bathrooms.  Here it comes, easy single handed sailing, two 22 horse power engines, two computerized navigational screens with auto pilot.  Finally hands free sailing for sex.  O GOD, THAT WAS AMAZING.  Let me go to the full wet bar for some refreshments.  That boat is the kind of boat you want to call you the next day.  It’s the kind of boat you want to introduce to your mom.  It’s the kind of boat you just want to stay in with and cuddle all night.  It’s the kind of boat, you give foot rubs to even though your really not a foot guy.  It’s the kind of boat you want to grow old and go down with after a life of adventure and sex.  It’s the kind of boat you want to be on the bottom of the ocean with till the sun bakes our planet in 6 billion years.  It’s the kind of boat you want to become star dust with when this planet get blown away by the sun super novaing in a really long damn time.

 Thanks again for reading and new chapter coming soon.  Either my tale of carrying a blue, naked, overdosed woman to safety or surviving a Red Neck killing a turkey with a pick up truck because hunting season had just ended.  Poor fat turkey.  He just couldn’t get away.  Now get out there disciples and get laid it’s Friday.  Wear condoms.

Taylor Oceans

Boat Porn.  The Antaris 44i. fap, fap, fap,



52 thoughts on “4,000 Followers

  1. You made me horny the way you explained what all the boat has on it. Now I’m going to have some business to take care up. Or, I could just maul my husband. I know that he’ll enjoy that!

  2. Taylor,
    Wow, that’s a huge deal. Have you considered self-publishing? Indie and self-publishing is the wave of now and the future. With that many followers in such a short period, if you already have the manuscript prepped and ready to go, my understanding is the self-publishing process can be as simple or complicated as you make it. I’ve done a couple of Author Interviews on my blog with self-published authors as well as those who have been published traditionally. You might read through them and get a feel for if you might go that route. I have only read your About and part of the last post, but you don’t strike me as the kind of guy to wait for others to approve and handle your business for you, so, self-publishing could be the way to go. I think I’ve also heard that self-published people with a platform and proven saleability have a better chance of getting published traditionally.

    Anyway, Congrats and best wishes for your endeavors.

    • I’m a failed graphic design student. You don’t want my opinion on art. Had a graphic design business once with friend. Never got one customer. But I will say this people seem to like my writing because I hold nothing back and am honest to an embarrassing fault. Your medium is none verbal so your images must tell a story. Remember the refugee pic of the woman with green eyes? National geographic did it. That image told a story and one none of mine could compete with. It wasn’t just her eyes, it was her situation. The beauty in the ugliness of war. Hold nothing back and get that shot. You may have to risk your life when I just get to write about fart jokes, but the greatest pictures are always close to the action. The cameraman in a cage surrounded by polar bears. Great white shark shots. The combat photographer. The deadliest catch cameraman. They get extra points because they are always coming up with new angles. Show me something new and I will be there, but maybe I should look at your site first. I will leave a comment when I get a chance

      • Thanks for the honesty! I agree I will have to go above and beyond in order to succeed. Go take a look at my art if u please and leave your thoughts! I enjoy conversation with u. keep up the embarassing honesty!

      • I’d team up with you on writing, for sure. Seems like you have that same caustic yet honest style.

  3. Bravo and all the best that some smart publishing house will pick you up and make millions. Dibs, I want the movie rights. Hunter S. eat your heart out….

  4. Hell Yeah, Taylor! Fucking Jealous to be honest. Havent put the suggestions in place yet…been a bit busy and prepping for an interview for a job I WANT.

    This is great:
    “That boat is the kind of boat you want to call you the next day. It’s the kind of boat you want to introduce to your mom. It’s the kind of boat you just want to stay in with and cuddle all night. It’s the kind of boat, you give foot rubs to even though your really not a foot guy. It’s the kind of boat you want to grow old and go down with after a life of adventure and sex.”

    I may have to go on your boat one day, you make it sound so good. (see how I did that!?! invited myself)

  5. Hilarious.
    I know I may need some material for my blog to increase my followership, but I don’t know if I can join that party…a few years ago, maybe…

    boy, I’m someone’s mama…shit, I’m two people’s mama.

    No MILFBW (but won’t) items on the aforementioned checklist?

  6. Sorry about the no’s from the publishers, I understand the struggle to get things out there. I read your life story and have a few suggestions (though you may have already done this). Have some writers and no writers read through and help edit. There were a few places I thought you could be more effective with your story by rewording. Just a thought (I know if publishers want it they edit, but might help you get them on the hook). I think you have great material for a book of short stories. Just friendly advice from another writer.

    • try a jeanneau sun odyssey 38i if I had to go monohull, but get into cats. Earlier on my blog the pic of me is on the bow of a sun odyssey one I rented for a weekend. Great sailing that trip

  7. Congratulations on the 4k followers!
    How does one go about having sex with a boat though? It must be quite the difficult task.
    Any ways: I do hope this is not an inconvenience to you, but I wish to nominate you for the Sunshine awards, as a token of gratitude for being one of my first ten followers 🙂

  8. As you are shopping your book to publishers without success, have you considered how lucrative it could be to self publish. It’s not vanity press anymore. I reviewed a book by Guy Kawasaki called “APE–Author, Publisher Entrepreneur” http://goo.gl/bxgll , which gives a balanced perspective on the pros and cons of traditional publishers as well as self-publishing. You may sacrifice the advance, the publisher’s editor (but pay some money to have someone do professional proofing) and you would have to market it yourself. But considering all of the followers to your site, you grasp social marketing. If you price it right, you could score more than going through the traditional route.

    • thanks for comment, but already doing it. Gave up on publishers after twenty more no’s. Stick with my blog and buy my book coming out in two months. Will post about it when I get closer, but shopping editor already.

      • Glad to hear that you are doing the samizat route. More control and more profit but it comes with more risk too.

        I’ll be happy to review your book when it comes out 😉

  9. Congratulations on the 4000 followers! I can see why your blog is so popular. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get to that stature soon. Any advice you can give to a newbie trying to attract more traffic? :/

  10. Hey Taylor! You just became my 51st follower so I had to look you up.
    Genuine style. Great metaphors. I liked the part where the sun is baking our planet. Fingers crossed for that boat! Have a great weekend.

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