I’ve tried to inspire all of you to better yourselves and to realize that it is never to late to change. Everyday you make a choice to better yourself, be a good person or stagnate, regress, and corrupt. I’ve been there. I watched my dad die in front of me. He went from 256 pounds to 98, in four years. Then turned grey, slipped into a coma and died six hours later. On top of this I lost my home, was thrown out of school for weed.  I lost it all turned to crime as an income and maybe an easy way out of this horrible life I found myself in. Alone in a dank down town apartment. One day I decided to live. To get my boat and get on with living. To have sex with fifteen chicks on that boat and sail around the world so many times I forget how many times. Now I write. Any day I feel like taking the easy way; picking up the phone and making deals to get my boat or maybe just eating a bullet. I remember Zach. He is my new touchstone for I guess a year now. Life can always be worst. Life changes like the tides and the winds, but the trick is to be happy with what you have. To hold your dreams tightly but let go lightly. Have a nice day disciples and try to make the right choice today. I did.

25 thoughts on “Touchstone

  1. I am so sorry you had to go through all of that. I honestly believe that artists are often held down, one way or another… you can be anything you want… no matter your age. Congratulations on turning your life around, keep your head up, life gets messy and shitty, you should try to use that for your art. You are also a great writer; I think you have a lot going for you!

  2. there’s such a difference between living and living well; while living well isn’t always the easiest, seems to me it can be much more rewarding (perhaps not in material items but then again life isn’t about “things”). favorite line: “Life changes like the tides and the winds, but the trick is to be happy with what you have. to hold dreams tightly but to let go lightly” – well said!

  3. Wow, life has certainly tested you and you won! This is a great thing, never give up on yourself! I really enjoyed your post. Have a great weekend! Hugs Paula xx

  4. Such a heartfelt documentary! I want to listen to Clouds now. Thanks for posting this. You’re pretty inspirational yourself as well!

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  6. Thank you for following my blog: Your mission is wonderful..and I look forward to reading and enjoying more of your ideas. It seems we have the same goal…please keep up the great work. As a motivational speaker who is working to inspire and motivate as many people as I can…it’s great to see people either doing the same or doing awesome things to create a better world!

  7. Hello,
    This is a sad story you have… but I see you are also a real optimistic person. I love your life perspective. Keep going on and keep writing. Life, is all about writing. Only problem ; so much person forget it.

  8. Zach is an excellent human for you to emulate. Study him for a year and you will be a different, better man. I’ll tell you what. I’ll pray for you.
    Keep it real. Don’t try so hard. Be vulnerable. Be open. Look for the beautiful. Treat all of God’s creations with respect and love. Good luck brother. I appreciate the follow.

  9. Your stories are awesome. I cannot WAIT for that book to be in my hands. A phoenix from the ashes for sure. The one part that bugged me in your writing was the fact you said your life as an artist was killed… With life experiences like yours and a newfound mindset for a passionate return to what is good and positive, the potential for creativity is huge. Don’t let this time for reflection and art in your life go undeveloped. I completely agree with what Sonya commented above about using your past experience to propel your art.

    Thanks for checking out my post on the Sage and Poppy blog, and looking forward to further reading. Keep in touch mate.

    Cheers to the short guys.

  10. I love all of your stories. You have a way to touch many lives. You cover such a variety of cool topics that others are not candid enough to even speak about. It is refreshing. For that reason I have nominated you for: “The Versatile Blogger Award.” I promise you that nothing will happen if you choose not to play it forward, but if you choose to you can find instructions here:

  11. Zach’s story is inspiring as your seems too. I have only read 2 of your posts but can see that you have overcome so much already- here is to incredible discovery on those paths you are yet to follow. Thank you for following my journey too – your support is much appreciated.

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