My Drunken Story

I just told my story to a complete stranger, as I will from time to time.  I find it very true you can be most honest with a stranger and I summed up my life, fathers passive suicide with AIDS, family shattered and scattered across two countries, beating cancer, surviving drug dealing, friends deaths and more suicides and he kept saying sorry sorry this must be so hard sorry.  Due to my current rum and coke consumption it took me a few more sentences to sum up the theme.  Through all my debauchery, crime, silliness, run on sentences, sadness and shenanigans this is my message.  I am all that is left so I write the history of my family.  My dad was my best friend, I love my half sister, I respect and love my mother, and I am damn proud of who I have become.  Isn’t that the point of parents and your childhood.  Sure it was rough, but I am a resourceful, self reliant, charming mother fucker who can bang almost as well as I can sail and I was an undefeated state champion for four years.  Somebody give me a hell yeah.

I’m Taylor Oceans and this is my drunken story.  But don’t drink and drive or I will slam your nuts in the hood of the car.  Ladies I will pay another lady to slap you because I wont.  But I will pay some chick to slap some sense into you.  Gentleman and ladies drink responsibly.  Hope everyone had a fun, safe weekend.  Long live the writers.


41 thoughts on “My Drunken Story

  1. you know this.
    i dont give f how lazy you are…you know whats about to happen…because I am like you and am just as stubborn.
    its going to happen…its only a few days.
    i dont expect a smile…
    I expect you to keep writing.
    Do the job.
    take the money.
    ..and like you’ve told me many times…climb out of the hole…ive thrown you a rope..
    i know (because i do it too) you will free climb.
    when this happens …it’s me who will kick your ass..because i care.
    Someone gave me a chance…we both believe in karma..
    there is no one else who i would offer this too….take the rope.

  2. Life is all about the journey my friend, and from all that I have read on your blog yours is definitely the road less traveled. In fact your road appear more like hacking your way through a jungle with a machete at times, but it has sure made for one hell of a story. What matters most is that you emerged despite the dark times and you are actually using those experiences to do some good in the world.

  3. I’ve been immersed in school a little much lately to keep up on the blogs I follow but your blogs just about bring a tear to my eye… Where’s this book you’re writing?

  4. guys hes stubborn, wild and free with a heart that beats with the see.
    im not sure how it happened…but you will indeed see him on his boat in a year or less.
    he gave a sick girl hope…im paying it forward with every cell that is me.

  5. Here’s to getting the best book deal ever + the boat and all the broads you’ll ever want or need! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit …

  6. My gosh i had a tear come. this is beautifuly written. i will follow, and thank you for the follow as well. I was thinking of my own child hood and how it was, but it dis make me tougher and who i am. 🙂

  7. Taylor, I have found your life story and this post extremely well written and eye openning to say the least. I had my DUI over 45 years ago in a different time and place. It was tolerated then, sometimes the cops even drove you home. But it wasn’t right then nor is it right now. When I do go out now, I am the designated driver now. it is a role I am more comfortable with. — Take care, and thanks for the recent “like” — Bill

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