Figured I would try my hand at some poetry since I’ve been reading poetry blogs all day.  What do you think america should I stick with pros and leave the poetry to the romantics?

The Toll

The way the ship lay still and dank

will remind you of the day it sank

the people astir all over the boat

praying and praying that it will float

The sounds of the people wailing and screaming

praying and praying that they are only dreaming

As she sank they ran to the stern

they now know the lesson to learn

Don’t be consumed with wealth or gold

for the grim reaper comes for the meek and the bold

Then you feel the water rise

floating there your body dies

Then you are merely a soul

forever more paying the grim reapers toll

17 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. I’ve only read the first post and I’ve got to say it sounds as if you’re speaking from experience like you were one of the unfortunate passengers. Why didn’t anyone try to bail it out, or something?

    I know you haven’t read my poetry – romantic it ain’t… 🙂

  2. Poetry is not only for the romantic. I have not a romantic bone in my body. Good poetry. Thanks for following me. I only have 19 followers. Btw, sounds like your life should be a movie. Stay strong.

  3. Enjoyed it! Poetry isn’t just romantic, sappy, or flat words on a page for that matter. It’s about life, living, feeling, painting an image or telling a story from your perspective and you’ve done that in this piece well. So write about anything that you feel strongly about but just keep writing! 🙂

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