Yes I Can

Yes I can be a writer. Yes I can be a better person. Yes I can get my boat. Yes I can smoke less cigs. Yes I can stay clean. Yes I can sail around the world so many times I forget how many times while having a 15 some. What ever your goals it starts with “Yes I can”. If you want to be a better parent, businessman, skipper, pimp, engineer, cook, teacher, carpenter, stripper, hitman, lover, scientist, politician, it all starts with a “Yes I can” Say “Yes I can” tonight disciples. You can do it.

The mountain top, walk on water
I got power, feel so royal
One second, I’ma strike oil
Diamond, platinum, no more for you
Got adrenaline, never giving in
Giving up’s not an option, gotta get it in
Witness I got the heart of 20 men
No fear, go to sleep in the lion’s den
That flow, that spark, that crown
You looking at the king of the jungle now
Stronger than ever can’t hold me down
A hundred miles gunnin’ from the pitcher’s mound
Straight game face, it’s game day
See me running through the crowd full of melee
No trick plays, I’m Bill Gates,
Take a genius to understand me

Enjoy your Friday night America. Drink responsibly and don’t jump without a parachute.


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