Well Disciples I have just sent the order of chapters to the editor and it looks like I’m done with the book. We already did the editing and just had to order it. Holy fuck… Time to Nut up or Shut Up, but that’s why I’m showing you how to live. Sometimes you just have to whip it out with full confidence in yourself and see if it gets sucked. Go balls deep America. Always. Everybody go out tonight, get laid and drunk, in honor of this masterpiece coming to you soon. Wear condoms.

For your reading pleasure I wont be doing gay shit like removing chapters from the blog. Keep reading the blog, but it is the rough draft of the book. I have written, four maybe five I’m already drunk, new chapters that will be only in the book. Frankly they fucking rock. They are the Battle, the turkey, the toll both, first exhibitionism and one more I think. If it exists it rocks. And all the other chapters have been cleaned up, punctuated properly, and given their STD shot for the public’s safety. Will I keep blogging yes. Will I keep embarrassing, debasing, and over sexing myself for your amusement. Again yes. As long as you get the fine print and managing your life while doing it. Make the right choice people, be a Gentleman. Live, Laugh, Love, get drunk as hell and have some crazy sex. And maybe do a little work.

Peace love and chicken grease from the shitty city

Taylor Oceans coming to you soon in print and e-book

Long live the mother fucking writers cheers America.

Thanks for reading all you 6,482 bad ass mother fucking disciples.

Change America..If I can do it you can..


  1. Haha!

    I can’t stop laughing. Can you swear anymore? Lol
    I’ll say one thing…your book has my interest!

    All the best with it. And yes people… Wear condoms! Lol

    Hugs from Oz. Paula xx

  2. I should try getting loaded next time before I post. Or better yet: I’ll get really wasted and then draw or paint or whatever, and then post that drawing while still hammered. Should be interesting. It’s worked for artists for hundreds of years, minus the blogging part, anyway!

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