The Wreck

So one day I’m driving to the food store with my dog.  I thought this would be a simple trip, but nothing is simple in my life. I’m getting off the highway going neck and neck with another car.  I drive a five speed BMW so if I want to pass you, your passed.  However when my dog was alive I took him every where because I always drive safer with my dog in the car.  Since my first BMW was hung off a cliff upside down.  I decided to slow down a tad.  So I let this car in front of me and we take the exit together.  We cruise for two hundred yards meet the main street and come to a stop light.  We both are in the left turning lane at a red light me right behind him.  The light turns green I follow the car through the light and SMASH.  The car feet in front of me is slammed on the drivers side by a crazy woman driving a huge pick up truck.  Red means stop ladies.  The old Oldsmobile I was following was carried as a hood ornament by this pickup for a hundred feet clear out of the intersection.  I stop my car in shock still in the left turning lane  and I look in the rear view mirror to see my dogs eyes looking at me as I have never seen.  We talked telepathically and Arnold said to me these exact words.  “Fuck this…I didn’t know these metal boxes can hit each other.  This is a fucking death trap…  Next time you go for a ride don’t take me.”  I agreed that cars are death traps and that I preferred boats, but I had to stop myself from going on about boats as I will because I was reminded of the human hood ornament that has just entered my world.  I still have the green light and a few cars are behind me everyone going what the fuck simultaneously.

Quick decision…  Park the car where is.  I’m in a turning lane with cars all around me so my dog is safe.  Get the fuck over to the guy in the Oldsmobile his car is smoking.  Good plan self and I’m off.  My tunnel vision is active and I close in on the smoking car oblivious to the world.  Unknown to me, until it nearly makes me a hood ornament, another pickup skims my nose (not literally but damn it was close, I’m talking inches) as it drives through the intersection with full intent of driving by the hurt guy hanging out of his smoking car barely conscious.  American fail.  The light had turned green for the other lanes and not only did this driver not help me they damn near ran my scrawny ass over because they had somewhere really really important to go.  I hope it was to die or at least get a vasectomy.  I turn to my left, still standing in the middle of the intersection.  My eyes on fire with rage by my fellow man and the next car coming stops as if I was Cyclops without my shades. He gave me a look of sorry dude I will stay right here.  You do what ever you want.  Another telepathic conversation over, my attention returns to the wounded man.  As I run by the pick up of course the woman is perfectly fine just shaking in shock probably worried this guy under her truck is dead.  America I’m from a 256 acre cattle farm.  I had a 87 Jeep Cherokee that never let me down for five year of farm life.  What the fuck do you need these huge trucks for?  I get to the Oldsmobile and take in the situation.  Smoking car.  Gas leaking from both cars.  Why is this shit always happening to me.  Drivers side of car wrecked.  I go around to the passenger side and of course the doors are locked windows up.  I return to the drivers side to see the driver is kind of conscious, grabbing his head and moaning with some blood but not to much.  His door is buckled in and I figure I may be able to wrench it open and pull him out faster then breaking the window on the passengers side and try to worm him through the whole car.  I put a foot on the car pull my ass off and nothing.  Damn my small genetics.  Suddenly another set of hands is next to me, I look up.  It’s an old man with that kind face only the greatest old man posses.  We both tug with all our might and nothing. Damn my small genetics, and his old ass.  Simultaneously we both look up and see we are surrounded by people just watching.  Not running for cover in case it blows, not calling the cops, and sure as shit not coming to help.  Just watching from a distance like I have seen so many cows do as they watch there buddies go onto the truck.  Me and the old man scan the crowd expecting someone to come and help us.  In this crowd of almost 50 to a hundred people they all just watched.  Plenty of fit men a hell of a lot larger then me and younger then this old man in the blast zone with me.  Me and the old man finish our scan of the crowd and lock eyes.  A moment of shame in our fellow man yet pride in ourselves.  We didn’t have to say it, we weren’t leaving this guy.  We both grab that door and ripped the mother fucker open.

Help each other America.  You can still drink, smoke, and have tons of sex.  Wear condoms.   But Gentleman always help.


Looks like next week is book week.  Last meeting on Monday.  Don’t worry I will keep blogging for you.  This blog is a great way to do rough drafts and I love all your comments.  They help me make my writing more entertaining for you guys.  Thanks again all six thousand of you beautiful disciples, and every one save up 12 bucks for my book.  God Willing for sale by Friday.  Topped out at 41,000 words for your reading pleasure.

26 thoughts on “The Wreck

  1. it’s amazing how people are so scared to help. they’ll go for their phones and text or send photos to their social media sites but actually help out? never. totally ridiculous. so glad to hear you’re better than that and you helped out how you could. 🙂

  2. Well if I ever get in trouble, I want your skinny genetics and the old guy on my team. I’m little but tough and I agree with you two. I tend to jump in and think later too. You rank high in my hero book my friend! (=

  3. “I hope it was to die or at least get a vasectomy.”
    This is officially the most awesome sentence I’ve read in months. I second that notion.

    I find it terribly sad that people can be so ambivalent toward the plight of their fellow man. It’s something I’ll never understand. Good on ya for not just driving past or standing around gawking. I hope the driver thanked the two of you, at least.

  4. Ive had the same exact thing happen to me and I swear I thought the same thing! It’s amazing how people will stand by and watch someone hurt and in need of help and no lift a single finger to help. This leads me to believe that future television shows will be much like Hunger Games.

  5. Sad how many people don’t want to help. I suppose some of it is just shock and not knowing what to do, and thinking someone else will do something. I’m like you, I’m out of the car and across the street, but without thinking. Luckily for me I’ve never really have to test that, it’s just my gut reaction when I see something like this on TV. Ever since the Rodney King Trial Riots in LA in the 80s and saw a man being beaten to death and no one moving in to help him. Thanks for being one of the good guys.

  6. Very nice story and writing. Imagine a world where people took interest and helped rather than their own interests.
    BTW, I often find myself with similar sentiments about death and vasectomies when people don’t pull over, or seem to want to drag race, emergency vehicles. I hope it’s their house that fire engine is racing towards as they pull out in front of it.
    BTW, thanks for stopping by and liking my blog

  7. Sometimes you are a little off but the style is wicked, like when you kept saying: “Damn my small genetics.” You have such a funny way of writing. I laughed and read every word. Great work!

  8. I “liked” this post, but I’m not sure if that makes much sense. In an effort to restore your faith in humanity-I manage a thrift store, and I work with on average 8 or 10 volunteers each day (different each day), who give their time and expect absolutely nothing in return. They work harder than anyone I’ve ever worked with on a paycheque, and always have smiles on their faces. What makes me sad is that it is often these people who are trapped inside the cars, being neglected by their fellow-man.

  9. Your candor makes me laugh out loud, even in a dark scenario like the one you are describing. I have had the experience of being the cream filling of an Oreo car accident with my dog. We too locked eyes and time slowed down for our telepathic “I love yous” and “oh shit oh shit oh shit”… I’m pretty sure he was thinking the same thing your dog was. He made it out fine, just doesn’t like going driving with me anymore, anyone else he’s fine with…I get it I suck at driving.

    Also, the distribution of responsibility that we as Americans seem to have to deal with when there’s an emergency is pretty lame. It’s a psychological thing that most people aren’t aware of…sadly. Just know I would have helped, my puney arms would probably done about as much as the old man’s did though.

  10. Used to drive tow trucks at night in my pre-Married state, if it was now, I’d be cursing my old genetics. Smashed doors are a bitch to wrench free. Oh, and those non-helping bystanders, we had them in NZ too; not just an American Fail.


  11. Taylor,
    Thanks for the follow of That was quite a story, and yes, sad that people don’t always pitch in, but the flip side is the stories of those who do help and then are sued by the the people whose lives were saved, and monetary payback because the person was injured in the process of having their lives saved. It is a contradictory world we live in.

  12. it kind of tripped me out when I started reading your blog…a lot in common is all. i think our birthdays may even be close lol. anyways, i like your stuff. and congrats with the book–makin moves son! i was just going to mention and i think someone above touched on it, but the dazed cow phenomenon is a legitimate psychological thing. i can’t remember what it’s called. so i dunno if that makes it any better but it’s not just an american thing…even tho americans suck for the most part in a big way, haha. keep up the good work:)

  13. Wow. These types of stories really stir me up. It’s the golden rule, people. Would you want to be trapped in wrecked car and have many bystanders just watch you suffer? Absolutely not. Good job for helping!

    BTW, thanks for the follow! I look forward to following your posts as well, I enjoy your writing style and what you have to say. Thanks for sharing and congrats with your new book!!

  14. Impressive account. Thanks for “liking” one of my posts. Having read some of your stuff, I’m very interested in why you would be reading my blog, and particularly why you liked that post. You wouldn’t by any chance be bilingual, would you?

  15. Your story brings up good points. Sad that people are becoming more unwilling to make a human/personal connection. They’d rather come up with all kinds of justifications (to themselves) to not “get involved”.
    By the way, thanks for following. FYI my blog name has been changed to

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