The Book Is Now For Sale

Well guys I’m done and frankly speechless.  Been working on this since February over 7,000 followers ago.  You can now buy my 41,000 word novel online in print and digital copy.  I wrote the stories its up to you guys to buy my book and make me a writer.  If you enjoyed my blog then you will love my book.  I have used this blog as a rough draft for this book and after months of editing and rewriting I have turned these 79 posts into a 43 chapter book with the help of my new editor.  I also wrote five bonus chapters that are only available in the book.  One is sexy, one action packed, one shamefully funny, another ridiculous, and to finish it off a damn good one.  So guys buy my self published book so I can take that to publishers.  I figure a 1,000 books sold is a good goal so tell your friends and buy my book.

Long Live the Writers

Thanks for following and I hope you enjoy my first book

P.S. I’m new to this so if you have any problems buying the book let me know in the comments below.

33 thoughts on “The Book Is Now For Sale

  1. Good luck on the sales! I was surprised to see it’s an actual paperback your selling. Usually, first time uncharted authors go with the ebook/kindle selling route. You should put up a ebook version to sell as well though, at a cheaper price. 14 bucks for a paperback ( coming from a book worm) scares people away.

    • nah the loyal fans are buying its worth every penny. And since I almost died in at least four of the stories, I don’t sell my life cheap. take a chance and try it. And im on kindle too, but I hate computers. One day robots will kill us all…If the zombies don’t get us first.

  2. Congratulations! I wish you all the success you can hope for. I’m sure it is fabulous and interesting, as you are quite a character and have lead an interesting life so far. Can’t imagine what comes next!

  3. Taylor I am half way thru and is great!!!
    Feel asleep last night or I would have finished it, but alas, a gals gotta sleep sometime. I’ll write a full review when I’m done but man keep it up. You are fixing hysterical!!!!!

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