Taking Chances

America I took a chance this week on one hell of a woman.  The one who broke my nose during sex if you have read that post.  Its hard for me to be close to people.  Sure I will help my friends and I’m a considerate Gentleman always holding the door and shit. However when you have been ditched, beaten, robbed, or shot at a few times you armor gets a little thick.  Its harder to let people in and your happy to remain an enigma.  My friends and family don’t even know I write. But this weekend I let my guard down.  I gave her a chance, she stayed with me for five days and we had a wonderful time.  The sex was too hot for even my blog.  But I took a chance on her and she took a chance on me.  I was nervous, I was challenged, I was excited, and my heart was racing.  And it felt good.

I took a chance America.  I left my comfort zone and thrived.  I had the confidence to jump and I had a great weekend.  Take a chance this week America.  Leave your comfort zone.  The statistical veil we Americans cover our faces with to hide from the dangerous, the unknown.  Stop being so fucking safe America, listening to whatever CNN Doctor is filling you with fear and doubt with the newest risk that will kill us all.  We all are going to die.  We are all shiting, eating, fucking, murdering soon to die animals.

Life is fleeting, far to fast, like sand running out of the hour glass never to return nor repeat. Before you know it, your waiting for the grim reaper to open the door with nothing to help your courage but a list of regrets.  A hollow idea of what your life should have been.  America I have seen the grim reaper and he is one mean shit.(not going spiritual on you its a metaphor).  I have stared down guns and dodged bullets.  I have almost killed and almost loved.  But I’m going to change and this weekend was a great one.  America stop listening to the pussies who say be happy with what you are.  Take those books and wipe your ass with it you will get more use.  Don’t be happy with yourself however don’t hate yourself.  Realize that we all are fucking, shitting, mistake making animals, but unlike most animals we are self aware.  I think therefore I am.  We can see that we have the power to better ourselves and never stop bettering ourselves till the grim reaper shows his face and says dude you ruled…  But its your time time to leave the party.

Through learning, pain and chances we find who we really are and if you don’t like what you see change.  Four years ago I was a coke addict, who’s only relationships was with the strippers that passed through my bed room. I can’t remember one of their names not one.  I wanted more.  I quit coke, I quit dealing and have the empty bank account to prove it.  But I took a chance America.  I bet on myself because who the hell else will?  Take a chance America and better yourself. she is one hell of a woman.

Feel like taking a chance right now?  Try my book.  Just published and available on amazon.com right now.  I know I’m a long shot but sometimes a long shot can pay off big.  Link to my book follows. http://www.amazon.com/Playing-Your-Hand-Right-Showing/dp/1484829794/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1384734018&sr=8-1&keywords=playing+your+hand+right

Long Live the Writers

Taylor Oceans


P.S.  America



40 thoughts on “Taking Chances

      • Truth IS tough love and you can never have enough truth. Coddling doesn’t get anyone anywhere. Neither does brutality (verbal or non). The key is to find that happy middle ground… present the facts, present options, give understanding but don’t accept excuses. Be kind but be truthful.
        We were born the same year and it appears (from the little I’ve had a chance to read so far) that we had similar childhoods. While our obstacles as adults have been very different… I feel much of what you’re saying. Self evolution– opens your eyes and keeps you going. Accepting you’ve screwed up beyond belief and being determined to change, slowly but surely… that’s what separates us from the animals… yet our most basic self is animalistic. Survival is key, which is why we must grow and adapt.

  1. I’m very glad to read you took a chance and it worked out! So far anyway, and even if not longer term – which I hope it will be – you can’t lose happiness already had. I’ll check the link – thanks!

  2. Thank you, someone with some fucking sense! I mean, fuck it and live, can you please not wait for a life-changing experience to ‘put everything into perspective’? I mean, we are all no good if we do absolutely nothing with the little time we have, and most of us actually have a lot, if you really consider a lifespan. No one has to cure cancer, though I would adore it. But why not risk your fucking life? It’s not like you’re going to get out alive anyway.

  3. The first thing my husband ever said to me was “Hey, your furniture looks great from the yard,” and I was thoroughly freaked out. I took a chance on him and we got married.

    I’m very much in agreement with this post. Taking chances has its rewards.

    • yeah thats creepy… Hope the first date was in a public space. But happy it all worked out. I love our troops many of my friends are x military. Always thought they should have had SOP training in woman between the rifle range and victory tower. Support our troops hate the government

      • It’s funny because it was a movie quote and he told me so, then said “If you come to my dorm we can watch the movie,” and my gut told me to believe him and sure enough, it’s from the movie “Yes Man.”

        Awkward, yes, but he’s a very sweet guy, just has a tendency to stick his foot down his throat

  4. What’s the link for the post where she broke your nose? Now I really want to read it. Any guy with the courage to love a woman and fuck her the right way is on the right path as far as I’m concerned.

  5. I chuckled a few times whilst submerged in the reading of your post. It’s funny how my experience which is completely different from yours can lead me to the same conclusion of what I learned this weekend.

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  7. Well, this was not what I expected when I saw this post in my feed, but I am glad to have found it. Can anything be any sexier than a broken nose — maybe that’s just me …..

  8. I just bought your book, and I’m looking forward to reading it 🙂

    Also, I noticed you were following my blog over at crawfordwritingblog.com – I wanted to let you know that I’ve switched it from a wordpress.com site to a wordpress.org site, which means if you want to keep following my blog, could you kindly go over there and click the new follow button?

    Thanks so much! 🙂


  9. In the kickboxing place I train, they give us a lot of character messages…The beginning of one message sounded all too familiar “Be happy,” meaning, be happy with yourself, and I thought “Well, that’s pretty cliche,” ya know? But then they added, “But not satisfied.” Be happy, but not satisfied.There is always room to grow, to improve, to change, but only if we have the strength to look back at ourselves critically and to do so. That takes a certain strength of character, and it sounds like you are beginning to discover that strength in yourself. Good luck making your changes and not being afraid to love, even after past hurts and mistakes.

  10. Wow perfect timing bro for me to read this post. I’m definetly at a point in life where I’m walking out on faith and living with no regrets. Awesome writing! Keep Chasing your 23!

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