To My Girl

One of my followers is very sick America. She has been following me for a very long time and picked me up when I thought of quitting. Watching her fight the same curse my father died from has inspired me. You see America my father just gave up. He quit his meds, turned grey, went from 256 to 90, slipped into a coma and died. He lost faith in himself and died of shame. But not my girl. She is a climber in a literal sense and her hanging from a cliff should be hanging in every men’s room if you catch my drift. We need to be reminded that people are always backing us and that its only over when we quit. However we shouldn’t be afraid because we only lose once in this life, but after we are gone our writing stays. Long after statues fall, Empires crumble and libraries are burned we will still know Achilles, Homer, a boy named Zach Sobiech and maybe even my girl if she wants me to post her name. So America, shit world at this point 8,500 disciples, if any of you are in with an almighty what ever you may call him or her I guess, put in a good word for my girl. I’ll spare her telling you her name however the dude upstairs knows. Lets give her a boost to the next hand hold. Keep climbing girl.

Long Live the Writers
Taylor Oceans

19 thoughts on “To My Girl

  1. To the unnamed girl – keep climbing, keep believing, keep fighting because we are right there behind you, urging you on. Live, Girl. Love and best wishes,
    x x x

  2. To the unnamed girl… You are NOT alone!! We (through this posting) SEE you! May you take our light, until you find your own again. AND you will!!

    I, for one, am coming out of a place I didn’t think I could muster the strength to. Don’t give up honey!!! You make a difference in this world… Always believe!!

    Sending you an abundance of love, light, peace and healing prayers!!!

    ~ < 3 ~

  3. Touching. Really. to the girl who suffers, ” Let not the words and actions of others be your salvation, let the faith in yourself take you and save you from this battle”. My heart goes out.

  4. My prayers to your girl. I will be biking across the country to raise money for people suffering with cancer. I’ll bike for your girl. Great writing, Taylor.

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