More Book Feed Back from 365 Days of Dave

365 Days of Dave wrote 

This is a blog I found while getting started on this WordPress journey of sorts. Taylor Ocean is his name and there is an eerie familiarity between his life stories and mine… Sans the drugs, SWAT raid and crazy car wrecks… For my modest amount of readers, I suggest you check out his blog, and maybe even check out his book on Amazon.

His stories will more than likely offend many, and literary structure nazis would have a heyday with his prose. Personally, I think he’s got some real balls for doing what he did, telling his story as candidly as possible. I read half his book already tonight and pressed with the fact that I’m due to be up for work in a handful of hours, I’m going to save the last half for a well planned night with a few fingers of whiskey by my side. Kudos to you, man.

Thanks for taking a chance of my book Dave. Now America take a chance on me and try my book.  Kindle version is only three dollars.  Give it a read and if you like it give the paper back to someone for Christmas.  Makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone with a dirty sense of humor.  I know what I want for Christmas, twenty books sold this month.  Help an indie author break out and spread the word America.  Literary Structure Nazis be damned.  Link to my book on Amazon below.  



2 thoughts on “More Book Feed Back from 365 Days of Dave

  1. Looked for an email address couldn’t find it..but then again I am old and institutionalized from living so isolated a self imposed existence. I just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and as I read your posting ‘my life’ I heard echoes of my younger self.

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