Gift of Giving Book Give Away Contest

In the spirit of Festivus (all religions and Seinfeld welcome here, I’m a half assed Buddhist) I’m offering a challenge to you America.  I guess world at this point 9,000 disciples baby.  From South Korea to North Dakota 63,734 views on this blog.  I want you to go out and be Gentleman and Ladies.  I want a video, picture or letter (not to long people) of you doing good deeds.  Take out your neighbors trash.  Pull over and help someone who is broken down.  Save the girls field hockey team from getting raped.  Should probably leave that one to me, but it made a great chapter for my book.  Suit up and be nice America, to get a signed copy of my book Playing Your Hand Right: Showing America how to Live for Festivus.  I will personally shimmy my scrauny self down your chimney like the fat dude in the red suit, and put it under the Festivous Pole.  (Joking) To be entered for a chance to Win a signed Copy go to the books FB page ( and like the page and in the comments tell me about your Christmas mitzvah. All comments will be entered for a chance to win a signed copy of the book. 2 winners will be chosen contest ends Christmas Eve 12/24/13.  Be creative, funny and send all entries to or post on face book.  The winners will be posted on my blog and Face Book (Taylor Oceans) so you can share it with your friends and family.  Not to mention the free book to start the new year with a laugh.  Merry Festivus everyone!

Long Live the Writers

Taylor Oceans

P.S.  Since it’s my job to show you how to live America I will start the good deed book give away myself.  I just sent two of my books to books for troops as my way of being a gentleman today.  Every day be a Gentleman or Lady America.  Here is the address.  Mail then some stuff and take a pic of your package to win a free signed copy of my book.  I will pick two winners.  Get creative America and get to it America.  This world doesn’t have to be such a piece of shit.

Ebony Simone McMillan

Hi Taylor Books for Troops – Donations can be mailed to…

Books for Troops c/o Ebony McMillan 112 Michael Ave East Hartford, CT 06108

Thank you so much for wanting to be apart of this project




The first Contestant.  Send your tales to or post on the FB page (Taylor Oceans) to get a chance to win a free signed copy of my book.  Two will be given away. Be Gentleman and Ladies America. Be the change.  Now here is the first letter I have received.

I re-read your blog from Dec 13 this morning about helping someone. It was spontaneous,……I came out of a parking lot, walking, and there was this guy in a wheelchair having a hard time coming up a ramp. I thought of your instructions and I pushed him up the ramp. He looked so shocked. He turned around and said with such joy….”Happy Holidays”. I said “You too!” I had the warmest glow come over me from head to toe.



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