Buy My Book People are loving this shit

Alright America 30 books sold and not a bad review yet and 4.8 rating on Amazon.  Now there are almost 10,000 of you out there so go to and buy my book  Playing Your Hand Right: Showing America How To Live.  My book will make you laugh, like a son of a bitch yet it does have a serious theme of life, love and the pursuit of happiness America style.  My New years resolution is to sell 1,000 copies next year at least.  That would mean you guys would help me raise 1,000 dollars to help me advertise.  I have bought 50 books so far and I’m sending them out to newspapers, publishers, book stores, agents, radio and T.V. Stations.  And at this point I have bought more books then you America.  I’m all alone on this America, but if you read my writing you know that only makes me go harder.  I will get on the New York times best seller list just a matter of when and I need your help to do it America.  You need to click on the link below and buy the digital copy of my book for only 3 bucks or the paper back for 10 bucks.  When you discover what a gem it is you need to get one friend to buy a copy.  1,000 bucks means 125 copies of my book get mailed to the right people’s desks.  Help me play my hand right America and years from now when someone says “Have you ever heard of Taylor Oceans?”  You get to reply, “Oceans, shit I was one of his original disciples.”  Here is a comment I received on my FB page from a very nice woman who runs books for troops.  I sent a few copies of my book to our boys she read it and this is what she said.

Ok..I HAVE to give a huge shout-out to an author and friend who YOU should check out.Taylor Oceans!!! YOU HAVE TO READ HIS BOOK, Playing Your Right Hand…This book has me laughing so hard!!! And what I LOVE about it is that it is REAL…Check it out for yourself!!!

 So take a chance on me America.  I know I’m a long shot, but sometimes long shots pay off big.  Link to my book on Amazon below.

Also Check out books for troops.  Send our boys some good reads they earned it!  Link below to the face book page.

P.S.  Don’t forget bonus chapters only in the book.  Your only getting my rough drafts, free writes, and half the story on the blog. 


15 thoughts on “Buy My Book People are loving this shit

  1. congratulations!!!! As soon as I recover from the holidays I am on it!!! either that or I sell enough of my own books ‘ more pieces of soul love saga’ on amazon to afford one of yours!!! either way I am on it and love what your doing…. be well~ michelle

  2. I ordered a copy of your book some time ago and Amazon have written to say it was returned to them address unknown, which is rather odd as I ordered other stuff which has arrived ok. So I will have to try again. Great you have sold some, you have to start some where, best wishes for the New Year, have a good one.

    • did you get your money back? If you have your order code and they didn’t refund you I will send you a signed copy if you paid and didnt get a book. Let me know how it turns out, I haven’t had any other complaints,but will look into it.

      • Yes Amazon said they refunded the money. I don’t understand why the problem occurred but I shall try again. Thank you so much for the offer of a signed one but I figure you could do with the dollar or two you get from the sales. Is it available on iBooks.

      • thanks yeah I need it. When it takes a year to write a book and you only make a dollar off digital copies and two off hard copies I need to move a lot of books. let me know how it works out

  3. I just ordered your book, after exploring your blog. I read a lot of blogs by other writers, and have only actually ordered a few books so far. Very anxious to read yours and to follow you on this writing journey!

  4. This is so exciting! I will definitely be ordering a copy. While my background is a bit different from yours, I relate to your perspectives on life. Glad I am not alone in my thinking.

    Congrats, enjoy your accomplishment 🙂

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