Author Interview: Taylor Oceans

My Interview, Enjoy America.

Keri Blakinger

Note: This is the first in a series of interviews with independently published authors. Taylor Oceans is the author of Playing Your Hand Right. You can visit his website here or purchase his book here.

Three months ago, Taylor Oceans released his first book, a hilarious – if sobering – ride through his wild years of rampant drug use and dangerous living. When he decided to clean up his life a couple years ago, he put aside the lucrative drug trade for the life of a poor starving artist – or writer, in this case. Before becoming a writer, the 28-year-old had a diverse work history, including everything from, of course, drug dealing to building houses to being the engineer for a hotel to working behind the scenes in local theater. Now, he’s quit working to write full-time. In his free time he enjoys old movies, computer games, BBQing…

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8 thoughts on “Author Interview: Taylor Oceans

  1. What a perfect intro post! I’ve never visited your blog before and this was just a great way to get to know you a bit. Good luck with the sales and your next book. I’m now so intrigued, I think I have to buy Playing Your Hand Right. From the first glance, you remind me of Gregory David Roberts. Interesting man with a background worth sharing. Bad guy turned good (ish?).

  2. Congratulations on your first book! And boy oh boy do you have quiet the story for your age (/our age? kind of? 1987 here). I skimmed through your “My Life” link and was quite impressed and intrigued.

    Currently, I have 2 books on my “to start/finish reading” que, but I will have to add this to my “to do list.” I also need to remind myself to actually MAKE a physical list so I don’t forget. :/ Damn. I’ll do that now, yours will be the first since you reminded me of that whole list thing.

    Anywho – stopped by your blog because you followed me. Returning the favor. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to reading your book and seeing what you have to blog about.

  3. Dear Taylor,
    Thank you for following my blog today. I very much enjoyed reading yours. Your authenticity and commitment to “telling it like it is” in the way you use language lifts me up, breaks my heart, reminds me that authenticity is IT, and makes me want to keep reading.

    Bless you. Stay well out there. I’m very glad you are a writer. Kind regards, Cinda

  4. I totally enjoyed your interview. Your answers were every bit as entertaining and impressive (to a sheltered white-bread like me) as your posts are. Best of luck and success on your book and writing career. I’d like to see Taylor Oceans – the movie!
    And I love the photo you used. It accurately captures your spirit.

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