Doctor report of shenanigans my head hurts and i cant see straight so I went for a check up

I’m in a lot of pain, but still typing America. Can’t walk straight due to concussion, pupil tow different sizes and had my friends girl friend drive me to hospital. Took detour and drove past the bushes on the way. Proud to say higher then I remember drunk. Hence I’m now dumb for a week to three months. Worth it! Go hard or get the fuck off my blog America. Concussion, sprained left shoulder, sprained left wrist, bruised bones in my arm, sprained right knee, and still thought tactics to escape and my buddy got away. Do something your pursuer will not to get away America. I still got it. BALLZ! Buy my book to help pay medical bills because I’m not allowed to work from now to when a specialist checks my dome in a mri and my arm in an xray. Also should not be driving. At least next week till mri what a country. Having a slight disturbance in my medical insurance so buy my book if you got a laugh at my shenanigans. Guarantee my book will add to the laughter. Link below

Let me add why I say “worth it”. Before you die, you don’t think I’m rich, poor, successful, broke, popular, whatever most America values. All you have are your tales. And I just got one more giggle to myself before I ball tape the grim reaper. Superman over the bushes at the art museum. Live Life America.
If you didnt read why my bod is so powned read this to catch up.

Be sure to do your thing America, and buy my book broke author here with a concussion and no medical insurance. I make two bucks off each hard copy so if o say all of my 10,000 disciples buy a book I should only still owe another 20 grand. What a country.

Long Live the Broke Brain Damaged Writers Who Do Their Thing Shenanigans


Shenanigans had to. what im drunk and in pain here. Figure if I’m off balance and brain damaged may as well get drunk and enjoy damaging it some more. TO RUM!!!!!!! AND THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sHENANIGANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tOTALLY WORTH IT.

Addendum:  Some may sit around worrying about if this head ache is blood pooling in my brain providing me with a delightful delirium before killing me as I wait for an MRI.  No one knows right now so imaging the best America.  Take it from someone who had cancer, the bends, been shot at, almost wood chipped and watched his father die of AIDS.  The worrying is what kills you it robs you of the time you have left.  I got my tunes up a rum and coke in my hand dancing my clumsy concussed ass around my house.  Yes I can still do foot work a good sign.  You will never see death coming, so close your eyes, raise your glasses, face the wind and enjoy the ride America.  You only get one.

Peace love and chicken grease from the shitty city RICHMOND VIRGINIA


17 thoughts on “Doctor report of shenanigans my head hurts and i cant see straight so I went for a check up

    • and god you sound just like my doctor. These organs are mine and I will never trade them! my liver is to big for an elephant to use it. My lungs blacker then the depths of space, I got so much undigested red meat in my ass I could feed africa, my weak heart has pumped more coke then scarface, my brain so many concussions rocky would be speechless and my man part should have some disease by now… but thank god for small miracles. I love my body and it can take anything. Bring on another row of bushes and two more cops with rockets up their asses and coked up zombie dogs I’ll still get away. Because we live raw in the river city enjoy the video. Yo this is Richmond.

      Museums museums how could u not see um HEHEHE

  1. Oceans, get your shit together. For once in your life. You have a lot to give. Don’t waste it ! Life will feed you whatever you need. You don’t have to search for it.
    Smarten up!

  2. Your eulogies are impeccable – only if I went through half the things you did I can match it, even doing coke. Stay thirsty my friend!

  3. through your stuff. Can’t say I would’ve always done the same things you did, but then, go fuck myself, it’s not my life. Stay balls deep.

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