I’ve gotten a lot of comments about my typos and finally have found the words to reply.  There is a movie I want to say finding forester where sean conery (aka the man) is teaching a kid to write and he is getting on him about typos.  But not criticizing in fact a sermon of ignoring them completely and I would like to continue his argument.  Writing isn’t about rules in fact the opposite.  When i write its life, love, shenanigans, what ever I want to write about.  I write about me god knows why or why people create such master pieces as 20,000 leagues, moby dick, x files, battlestar galactica, predator (named my 178 lbs dog who was put on house arrest for biting, ze arnold best dog ever see you at the end of the bar) or finding forester. I feel to write you have to ignore rules especially in my writing given the illegal activities and denial of social norms.  A rum and coke never hurt either.  I have never followed the rules in life or writing.  I have always made it up as I go along.  That speaks to my love of sailing and hatred of cars.  Cars you stay in the lines.  Sailing is A to B however the fuck you want and those tactics are what make good skippers.  Sailing is about finding your own wind and your own path and that is what I try to say here.  I’n my life I love women, sailing, writing, inventing, rum, reds, and possibly even burning one down once in a while what ever state I may be in at that time.  Am I telling you to follow those rules.  HELL NO.  In fact the opposite(Did I mention the near wood chippered and arrested stories crime not so pleasant).  Find your own wind and live you life according to your rules.  I don’t recommend decadence however it works for me.  (I stole that line from latitudes and attitudes a great sailing show, but its mine now, rule made you all heard it)  However I will make this rule and suck it if you dont like it.  It’s nice to be important but more important to be nice.  Especially to strippers.

Respect your fellow man all 10,000 disciples (dont give me shit for not saying woman its implied and the ladies know they always come first with this writer BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAH)

Long Live the Writers, Castillo rum, Phillip Morris Marlboro reds division, Trogan magnums (thats right ladies), and the Antares sail boat company.  Suck it social norms I love sex.


P.S. Holy shit and people just joining my blog the book is edited, you read my shit for free here you get shit.  Want it to be clearer spend three dollars on a kindle copy of my book.  Rated a 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon.  You get my drunken free writes here nothing more nothing less.  Not to mention I have written the last four posts with a concussion.  Chill B’s its grammar on a blog and my head hurts.  There are currently bigger problems with this country.  If all the comments I trashed from this post about the importance of grammar were aimed at feeding hungry kids bet a few would be eating now.  When I can learn history, astronomy, engineering, sex and sailing who gives a shit about grammar I have an editor for that.  However my head is getting better America  MRI coming up in 30 days.  Glad its not an emergency.  Now could sixth grade teachers stop hate mailing me I get enough from the religious people condemning me to hell.  Of course I kind of like those.  You know your getting somewhere when you get haters.


79 thoughts on “Typos

  1. I like the message behind what you have to say. Writing transcends rules. There is no book, nor pamphlet, on “how to write” or “how to do art” that can properly tell someone how to create. It must be you, and it must be genuine. Anything less is just not worth it. No matter how well made-off the artist, no advise can detract from the utter need to be true.

    However – I write these later words from experience, philosophy, and my own thoughts:

    When it comes to writing, you are doing more than create art. You are communicating using a tool that is universally understood through the language used. By using it, surely you understand its purpose: to be understood. Language, specifically the written kind, does not have “rules” that are meant to be broken, they have “rules” that make it work. It’s more of an instruction guide, than a rule book. Example: To construct a table you get an instruction guide. You can follow it if you wish, or not, but the later will most likely not lead to a table being properly put together (unless you have already been trained in the mechanics of the craft, and don’t need the written instruction to know how to do so). The same is with language. Does that make sense?

    Just a loving suggestion and thought. 🙂

    • I agree to disagree and I offer this. I’m a history buff and look at life through the eyes of a historian. Doest thou still follow Shakespearean rules while the spears and arrows fall? Can our president make up words like strategery? In one hundred years isnt language going to be an orgy of Chinese, Spanish, with a dash of English? Isnt it always the tale not the grammar that prevails? Or I could say this, death to grammar Nazis I’m a Nuremberg writer. Or, I didnt pay attention in 6th grade to busy hiding my constant hard on and hitting on sara. Or, this is the blog and if you want revision and my time editing buy my book http://www.amazon.com/Playing-Your-Hand-Right-Showing/dp/1484829794/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1385767769&sr=8-1&keywords=playing+your+hand+right
      and stop bitching about a free read. I think your arguments and mine have a ground in reality. So Thanks for reading

      • Huh! That sure made me think.

        But… I have the feeling I offended you? I wasn’t intending to make an argument at all, so no need to “agree to disagree” or even make concluding statements. If you somehow took offense I can retract myself from following and commenting, if you wish. This is how I engage in posts, it is who I am. I think, I share, I listen. Above all, I just love the interaction and the synthesis of ideas creating between individuals who wish to engage each other.

        Or did I read your reply wrong?

      • Fear my wrath… nah i get one email a week saying i am a horrible human being for doing what i have done. The religious bloggers hate me. I love it. who cares about typos when you have people condemning you to the depths of hell and pain and suffering for eternity. what they cant figure out is im going to work on my tan, I have a great condo lined up right on the lake of suffering and a cushy job in processing nazis. I even get a whore after the first hundred pineapples up hitlers ass. One for Serbia u German bastard, and you never need a lighter in hell. Will be great.

      • Nah, I feel you. As a former Christian with crazy ass family, I can say the same if not similar.

        And none to fear, your book is still on the top of my “To Read” list, as I said it would be. 😉 Looking forward to it.

  2. Sorry, I have to jump in here and disagree slightly with this post and say this: “Write how you want. But go back and fix it up so it’s easy for us to read.” Reding though a hole pot of spelling stakes is hard wok.

  3. That’s funny…not hilarious, but odd that someone would point that out! I for one, like the way you write in the fashion in which you choose! Cheers;)

  4. Keep doing your thing, grammar is never the end all be all. I’m grammar illiterate and get called out all the time, so much that I wrote a disclaimer to the anal proof readers who read my blog. Screw em 🙂

  5. Coming from literally a grammar nazi, yet being someone who apparently sucks at it, I both feel with you and against you. I personally hate when something simple is spelled incorrectly. I was also initially really angry that you refused to capitalize your ‘i’s and then I remembered I do the same thing when I write on paper (and have ever since I was a teen). Writing transcends past grammar rules and typos, but typos also signify laziness, and stupidity to some, even if only unconsciously. Therefore, I’m certain your book made it to an editor first. Write freely, edit wisely.

  6. Typos are one thing, mis-using, not using grammatical rules, ignoring spelling all are as you say, up to the writer. That being said, the rules are there for a reason: to help people understand your message. I try not to judge anyone on their spelling or grammar skills. Many people can’t spell, and most don’t remember Freshman year English and I understand that. In your specific case, your writing, and your style of writing is in-your-face, take it or leave it and that does make it interesting and exciting to read. I will admit, sometimes I don’t quite follow. But then I don’t always follow someone’s line of thinking even if they use all the proper writing ‘etiquette.’

  7. Hey Taylor,
    I believe you are a gifted writer. As a former hell raiser myself, I will call bullshit on your post. Grammar is not meant to restrict you. It is meant to organize your ideas so that they become more coherent and you are able to delve into the content much deeper thus delivering something more authentic. You develop a much greater command of your own voice so that it doesn’t overwhelm you (which happens to every writer) and come out with all fluff but no real direction. It is easier for your readers to follow and makes ones work much more succinct. There are many writers who are reminiscent of you, Charles Bukowski is one who comes to mind as you appear to be his direct heir (minus the gratuitous drinking). He has a strong command and understanding of the English language coupled with the same unique intuitive understanding of the audience that you have. Do not short sell yourself by saying essentially “I’m not going to be a great writer because I want to half ass it in my work because people dig it!” I don’t think you would have sacrificed so much in your life already if you didn’t want to be something significant with this. Know the rules so you can create new levels of expression. You are way to talented to do otherwise.
    Just saying I’ve given this rant many a time before Brother.
    Much Love,

  8. I’m sorry if I offended you with my comment. I was not saying your book “wasn’t edited” rather self editing is important before another set of eyes gleans your work as it creates discipline (for me at least). That was what I was getting at. I thought I made that clear but did not. You are free to do what you like with your work; that was just a friendly suggestion coming from a positive place. Wish you the best.

    • No worries love I get hate mail from preachers every week condemning me to hell. This is baby frolics. I just find it funny I have written about, sex, drugs, violence, crime, almost killing people, almost being killed, cancer, AIDS and the flaws of the sex life of my entire country (except me self high five), yet typos has created the biggest stir. 56 comments in two days not counting the ones I have trashed. But no worries your new and didn’t know I do this blog thing a little differently here. But welcome to my mad world. Enjoy my tales… none of which are edited 🙂

      • Like I said you have such great potential that people want to see you become one of the greats. I think you have it in you. As for the content that you write about, the bible mentions baby killings, disease, incest, violence, sex, and crime so there aren’t many stones that anyone could throw from that neck of the woods. I do respect your no editing thing again as you own your blog and will not comment on it again. If you are ever looking to get into script writing or any other forms of film; I do have an upstart film collective that you are free to join whenever you wish. Just give me a holler!
        Thanks again,

  9. Man when your wrote its not about rules, its about life, you hit it right on. Someone studying at oxford recently said to me ‘should we really follow the apparent spelling rules’…that says something. Wanted to read something real, so shall be getting hold of your book, sounds Cool, in fact, try to get it optioned for filming rights. Cheers,

  10. I JUST spit out my coffee! HYSTERICAL… hahahahah… I’d love to burn one down with you after a rough current and chill by a campfire and rant! hahahhahaha!!!

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