America I am reviving the old days of the presidential fireside chat. I have been invited to take over a Face Book page for a few hours on Saturday the 8th. I will be on Ebony Simone McMillan’s face book page embarrassing myself and releasing one of the bonus chapters for your reading pleasure. It will only be up for the event after which I will delete it and you will have to go buy my book to get it and the other bonus chapters not on the blog. Ebony is a very nice person who runs Books For Troops an organization that sends your used books to our troops. I may hate the government, but I always support our troops. So before you go out Saturday night have a pregame with me on FB from 6 pm to 8 pm est. Ask me about my tales, read the bonus chapter, and maybe get Ebony’s address to send some of your old books to our troops. I sent two of mine. See you there.  O and be sure to brink your booze and music, leave your inhibitions, religions and politics, and put on your thick skin we are going to have some fun.  Now Suit Up!  Lets start a tradition.

Here is a link to Ebony’s page and Books for Troops

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