America I want to say thanks.  I started this blog a year ago for God knows why.  Maybe just to be heard.  To see if America would listen to a retired drug dealer and master of mistakes.  A year later I have 10,900 followers, and with the pushing of America I wrote my first book of my tales.  You have given me a 4.7 out of 5 rating on and over 2,000 wonderful comments on my blog.  I just want to say thanks for listening to my tales America and buying my book.  Us self published drunken rantists need all the help we can get.  So thank you America, and feel free to keep the emails, comments, FB chats, and all the other techno crap coming.  I’m here to help, entertain, teach, and show America how to live.  My email is

Follows is an email I received this weekend.  Thanks for buying my book PLAYING YOUR HAND RIGHT: SHOWING AMERICA HOW TO LIVE  and giving hope to someone with nothing in his hand.  But sometimes nothing can be a pretty cool hand. 

If you want to take a chance on my book a link to Amazon follows


Long Live the Writers

Taylor Oceans

And Remember…  It’s nice to be important but more important to be nice.  


30 thoughts on “THANKS AMERICA

    • hell yeah thanks for buying. I will tell you this. Ignore everyone. fuck the doubters and back seat writers. Write the book you want. It’s your book what ever the hell it’s about, keep it yours. Don’t take shit from anyone the world is full of doubters. Take the risk and dream big. You only fail when you give up. Keep writing and thanks for reading feel free to send me a book review at Or if the doubters get you email me and I will slap you back on your course.

      long live the writers


      • Ooohh can I get me some of that?

        Congratulations! It was my b-day yesterday and I got a gift certificate on amazon: I’m buying your book today! Yay!

      • Darth your a sith lord you dont need a pep talk. But here is one for your birthday. The emperor has enslaved you. Let nothing own you, let nothing control you. No vices, no divisions. Be one with the force and do everything in moderation. Life in moderation, writing ion moderation, fear in moderation, success in moderation, love in moderation, kindness in moderation, selfishness in moderation, gentleness in moderation, aggression in moderation, pain in moderation. Life in moderation. In self discipline we can show the world the gentleman side of the force. Now raise your drink with me darth. Cheers to the slave girl costume. And a criminal turned straight who saved the rebellion. Han Solo. To redemption!!!!!!

      • Thank you from the bottom of my put-back-together heart with shit breathing apparatus.
        May the force be with you, always. (*Turns away, cape flowing)

        Of course, you know I’m just hiding behind the mask, right?

      • love the cape imagery and with a face like that I would hide to. OB1 powned you. That jedi bastard got me to. Thats why my back is turned on the cover of my book. Keep it real jedi may the swartz be with you. and may we meet again in space balls 2 the search for more money.

        dont get that swartz twisted


  1. You should feel unassailably proud of your accomplishments; I am in awe of your success and your growth over time. I respect such a transformation, for undoubtedly it was very difficult. Kudos to you, good sir.

  2. I like weirdly needed this pep talk right now? I’m kinda just thinking like, “Yeah, fuck it! I’m doing what I want to do! I may be the only person who thinks I’m funny but I don’t care.” And I would say take that as a compliment 🙂 Very weirdly appropriate timing for me, but of course congratulations to doing what you wanted and saying what you wanted to say. That’s Awesome.

  3. There is something fascinating about a story told with honesty. The more authentically you paint the portrait, warts and all, the more people eat it up. I think it is because they can relate. Who hasn’t made a stupid decision, a bad choice, a dumb investment, an impulsive decision they regretted later? As long as there are people out there willing to tell their stories without the sugar coating, there will be readers.

    Write on, Taylor.

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