Well America I had a wonderful long weekend and judging by how women love me I need to show you men how to Gentlemen the fuck up. She drove five hours to get to me really seven if your count the stint she had in Easter traffic. She arrived to find I had ordered her favorite dinner Sushi and Sake and it was laid out on the bed ready for her. Lay a 8 inch x 6ft board at the foot of the bed and it makes a great dinner table. We sat, enjoyed a movie while we ate and toasted everything we could think of with hot Sake. An hour later I’m inside her and we fucked the table off the bed; beats doing the dishes. I said it would happen and would be lying if I said it didn’t happen on purpose. The messo soup overturned onto the floor, the last bite of my steak teriyakii was lost, but the god of Gentlemen was with me that night and the bowls and plates didn’t break. Just perfectly landed upside down on my floor. I didn’t even pause pleasing her as it all falls off the bed. Why do I do these things? Because breaking things during sex is fun and memorable. It shows her that as your entire apartment and all your possessions fall down around you nothing matters more than showing her the limitless orgasms she possesses. I continued the night wrecking my house, her pussy and nipples. Hot wax anyone? Damn its good to be bad. Night one down.

Day two we walked my city after a morning of sex and epic BJs. A beautiful day we did the couple walk. A few thoughts for dudes. First don’t hold hands that’s gay and a Tucker Max move. No telephone pole collisions in this book kiss my ass Tucker Max. Throw your arm around her waist and hold her close next to you. Just watch your step and don’t trip her your feet will be inches apart. And when she crosses the street at the wrong time grab the back of her pants and pull her back. Gentlemen are always looking out for their woman. Where do you go on this walk? Where ever she wants. Let women win all arguments outside the bed room this is the second lesson. They want Italian guess what your eating? They want to go to sushi guess where your going? Letting women win these arguments outside the bedroom is key to you winning all bedroom arguments like anal and waxing in the bedroom. And lets face it you can’t be whipped when you whip her in bed. Don’t forget to leave a hand print on that ass too. We return to my apartment and more movies and sex were had. The last day started with sex as usual and after a nice nap we went back to our favorite restaurant. The Sushi joint. After bottles of sake we go back to my place and get kinky. The slave collar, handcuffs, blindfold, whips and magic wand was out and in full force. I had her begging and it was great. I teased every inch of her bound body for around 20 min then started the final act. After making her wait even more she finally begs her sir to finish her. I made all the right moves, hit all the right places and the convulsions begin. She screamed, she moaned, I think they heard us across the street and suddenly BOOOM foot in my nutz. That’s right America the wrecking ball who is the woman who took the cover pic for my book, broke my nose during sex (great chapter),broke my desk chair (one guess what we were doing?), has now kicked me in the nutz. Right one still hurts a little. But did I stop? Fuck NO, I slugged my rum and coke, said God hates a coward and got her off two more times. DAMN IT HURT but Gentleman go the extra mile for our women. She left the next morning sore and grateful that she met a Gentleman like me. Discrete, dedicated, giving, generous, and one hell of a fuck. She ended her trip by asking me “When I get married can you show my husband how to fuck?” What a weekend America.


Long Live the Sexaholic Writers



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