Who are you America. Why are you where you are? To make someone else happy or yourself. As you all well know by now my dad died when I was young and I was thrown out of college for weed. I was crushed because I knew my Dad would never live long enough to see me graduate. I was doing it for him. When he died I was lost.  No compass, rudder or charts.  “It’s not till you have lost everything that your free to do anything” fight club. These words are words I will never forget. Chuck P blew my mind and I realized I had nothing but that didn’t mean I had to do nothing with my life. I had lost everything and my future was a clean slate. I would be the author of my life and I changed. Now I have aged, matured, had much more sex, sailed more boats, been a very successful coke dealer, been shot at and I know he would be proud. But not as proud as I am of myself. If you want to make someone proud the first step is to be proud of yourself; where you come from, who you are, and where your going. Anyone who can’t admit a mistake hasn’t learned from it yet and I have made plenty America.  But they made me the Gentleman I am and I’m proud of who I am because I’m on top of the world and have a publishing contract in my hand and I think I’m about to sign it.  I did it America, I played my hand right.  Stand by for an official announcement of me and my first publisher.

I leave you with this. What one Gentleman can do another can do better. Be who you are America. I’m here to show you how to live.


Long Live the Writers





13 thoughts on “WHO ARE YOU?

  1. Bloody, fucking righteous is what that is. Huzzah! and congratulations. It might be premature but two questions:
    1. What talk show would you pick to be on first
    2. Who plays you in the film?
    Cheers, Taylor. Your dad would truly be proud.

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