Gentleman don’t quit


America I’m here to show you how to live. In the last two months I have had my heart broken, my right hand broken, and was bitten by a dog. The specifics are irrelevant however I do have to take the blame for all three. The point is I still suited up, took off my cast, put her picture in my pocket and sold a millionaire on my invention. Not only that but I sold him on making me an Executive of his Company and the Creative Director. I looked him in the eye, shook his hand like a Virginia Gentleman and took the pain of him re-breaking my hand. Then I took my check, left, and reset the bone myself on the sidewalk. Gentleman don’t Quit. You shouldn’t either.

There are no obstacles in life. Only challenges. When you get knocked on your ass and your body is broken. Lying alone in the mud wishing you were free of the pain. Your only comfort a tattered picture of her you still carry in your pocket. Gentleman still reach for the stars. Even with our ass stuck in the mud. We get up, lite a smoke, make a drink, and say “Fuck it, I can take it!”. Your dreams only fail when you give up on them and I will never give up on my dream for us.

I don’t care what your problems are America. Trust me we all have them. But stop being such a pussy and Fight. Fight for your dreams. Fight for your future. Fight for love.

Long Live the Writers

Taylor Oceans

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If your wondering how a dog bit my arm pit I was protecting my beautiful face. Luckily my shirt was ok.

Oh and a freezer is harder then your hand.

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12 thoughts on “Gentleman don’t quit

  1. I love your attitude, very inspirational.. even for us Canadian women going through stuff. Wishing you brighter days, and congrats on your recent victories 🙂

    • Your in good company my bad ass mother is one of you women from the great white north. She converted 10 years ago to maple syrup. But for the record America, I have only red white and blue in these veins. And rum, my hand is still broken.

  2. I woke up @ 3:00am this morning with a message for you Oceans: Surrender. This isn’t a surrender of beliefs or dreams or giving up. This is an inner surrender. It’s a surrender in love. It’s a ‘feeling’ that sets you free. Your past is only an experience that may or may not hold you back. Thanks for the great music.

    • Your past does not define you. It only gives you the starting point. There was no surrender. Love kicked my ass and made me a little bitch years ago with this one. More of crushing defeat and I would not have it any other way. A one legged man in an ass kicking contest who frankly wanted to fall if you follow my drift. I fell very hard for her.

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