America I want to say thanks.  I started this blog a year ago for God knows why.  Maybe just to be heard.  To see if America would listen to a retired drug dealer and master of mistakes.  A year later I have 10,994 followers, and with the pushing of America I wrote my first book of my tales.  You have given me a 4.7 out of 5 rating on and over 2,000 wonderful comments on my blog.  I just want to say thanks for listening to my tales America and buying my book.  Us self published drunken rantists need all the help we can get.  So thank you America, and feel free to keep the emails, comments, FB chats, and all the other techno crap coming.  I’m here to help, entertain, teach, and show America how to live.  My email is

Follows is an email I received about my book.  Thanks for buying my book PLAYING YOUR HAND RIGHT: SHOWING AMERICA HOW TO LIVE  and giving hope to someone with nothing in his hand.  But sometimes nothing can be a pretty cool hand.

If you haven’t heard of Taylor Oceans, it’s about time you do.

I first came across Oceans on WordPress and after reading nearly every one of his blog posts I knew I needed to hear more of the ex-drug dealer’s crazy life stories. From loosing his eyebrows trying to stash his paraphernalia in a fire to getting kicked out of college by the SWAT team, he has never taken the easy path. And we are lucky enough that he has decided to share his stories, and his journey to becoming a gentleman, in a book.  He tells his tales with an incredibly refreshing voice that anybody will love, whether you are well read or not. He’s like Tucker Max, but better with women. You might cringe, you’ll definitely laugh but either way you won’t be able to put his book down.

If you want to take a chance on my book a link to Amazon follows

Long Live the Writers

Taylor Oceans

And Remember…  It’s nice to be important but more important to be nice.

12 thoughts on “AMERICA YOU ROCK

  1. That last saying is very true but tell me, how does it feel to be important AND nice? Thanks for stopping by my blog and congrats on your success. I think I have more meaningful conversations with people through my blog than in real life. Oh wait, I’m positive!

  2. How many books did you sell @ what price. Any speaking engagements? Ever try You tube? Yea, I am in a rush I’m 75 and I want to go viral. Handcuffed to keyboard 12 hrs. a day. No reading fiction, or watching TV, except a couple of news shows. I’m driven baby. Lets talk

    • Jesus many questions. Hope I have your spark at 75. any who book sales hard to track i hate program but around 100 sold. It’s been out for four months. I would say most on kindle so 3 bucks a copy. Also I move the prices for book sales. Average is hard copy 9, kindle 3. I’ve sold books for 14 and given them away. But as much as we want to we cant force where we want our lives to go. No matter what your age. Be patient. With all this success I still don’t see a major publisher or agent picking me for another year. The big boys give two shits about my 11,000 followers because only 100 books sold. That is what they care about books sold nothing more. If I had to figure a way to go big fast is increase the demand of your book. When you figure out how let me know. I too am new to all this. And no public speaking i get laid enough, and no youtube. People to dependent on computer programs to do the work. Press the flesh.

  3. Did that pressing flesh and interview shit 7 yrs. ago when first wrote it. My marketing sucked, (owner of young hip agency had incredible body, my bad). Now modern updated e-book, need to be funny enough so older farts will make me viral. Most people say they have great sense of humor, ( I think less than 1 in 100 are). Hate slapstick, look funny naked, so what the f*ck? I’m working on it and I’ll share with you if I discover something that looks like it has some life. Using your spiders next Blog. May blow the whole thing
    Thanks for responding,

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