I’m sitting here waiting for news that will change everything. All of you raised me with pride in my name. Our family has always lead the way. Our town bears our name. All of you built the local economy, the local fire department, the local water works and even the best restaurant in the state. All of you raise our town from nothing. It took five generations but we did it.

You could have been selfish so many times. You never were. You did it because it was the right thing to do. To set an example for other generations. You were as strong as Atlas. It’s an easy road when you walk alone. But when you carry those around you with unconditional love you prove your strength, dignity and chivalry.  We were a beautiful family and we all made mistakes but we never stopped trying. We never judged each other and were always there for each other. Your cooking, your laughter, your smiles have faded. Your all so powerful you even choose your time to go away. You went when you were finished building a better world then you found. You never judged and you never thought you were better.

I miss you all and hope to see you again at the end of the bar. Today I wait for news where I earned my place at the table despite my mistakes. I kept the tradition alive even alone.  Our town will thrive again but this time maybe even the world. This will change everything around me for the better. I know it will work because I built it with what you taught me. I built it with my heart and dreams not my head. We never care about the odds. Thanks for your patience and sorry you had to go away, but I know it was your time.

Granddad 700 people must have been in your funeral they couldn’t fit in our church. The funeral procession was longer then our town. I was so proud to be your Grandson. Instead of a corny psalms I should have just said, “Look around you, look at all the lives my grandfather touched. That is his legacy and thanks for coming to honor this great man my grandfather. The last cowboy.”

Grandma we all knew you couldn’t live without him and it speaks  volumes that two completely different people came together and built something so powerful it couldn’t exist on this earth alone. You brought out the best in each other and accepted each other faults. A love like that exists only in stories and I saw it every night at dinner. You were Grandpa’s beautiful girl, always. I hope to find that unconditional love one day. True love is your legacy Grandma. I know where ever you both are your together and that is all you need to be happy.

Dad I miss you so much and wish we could listen to some Clapton and share this moment. You would be so proud I finally saw the light. I’m sorry it took so long. That was a beautiful boat and day you had when you finally were put to rest in the river we spent so much time on. I hope you liked it. Thank you for always treating me as an equal and your only son. I miss your stories and your understanding. I know it wasn’t easy having a fuck up as a son but you were always proud of me. Most of the time I never knew why, but I get it now.

Cheers to you all. Past the lips through the gums look out stomach here it comes. You were the best family anyone could have asked for. You raise the bar of honor, compassion, dignity, strength and chivalry. We may be a bunch of relics from a bigon age but it is who we are. That is our tradition and family creed. Everyone has value. No exceptions.

Long Live the writters

Taylor Oceans

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