Death Wish

Death Wish

Sitting in the chair while my guard paces in front of me I wonder how I get myself into these jams. My supplier had been killed in a drive by and I was always on the look out for a purer, cheaper, hook up. I’d made the mistake of bribing one of my customers to take me to his source. Luckily addicts could be made to do anything with the right persuasion and two grams cocaine normally opened any door. However I wish I had never opened this one because I’m not liking what I’m finding. The addict had taken me to this house in the suburbs. We had a quick meeting at the front door and we were told to go around back, the boss was in the shed. Having walked into many worst situations I figured what could go wrong in a shed. I was in for a painful realization.

We entered the shed shook hand with the boss and were polite. With smiles on their faces that is how criminals strike. The door is slammed behind me, I’m forced into a chair at gun point and the addict is thrown out as the “Boss” shouts I’m tired of your shit come back and I will kill you. He returns locks eyes on me and peers into my soul. All dealers, myself included, have to trust their instincts because in that business of police narcs, thieves, bribes, drive bys, and murder your instincts are the only thing you can trust. Tragically I resembled the nark on this particular day and let me tell you why.

In my apartment building there is no washer and dryer and being a guy I let every single piece of clothing I have get dirty then I consider doing laundry. This particular night I was wearing a baby blue t-shirt and khaki shorts. Not even cargo. Ever seen a guy dressed like a dork try to buy a few thousand dollars of cocaine. It’s not pretty.

So there I am seated in a chair while three armed men decide my fate. We go through the normal dance of are you a cop, you going to bust us? Are you a thief with friends outside waiting to rob us? All the hypothetical dealers worst nightmare, however non can be proven one way or the other and I start to accept that I’m either going to die or beat these three guys to near death with the chair I’m in. I don’t want to try for their guns because if I kill one and the others get me its a lot harder to apologize for knocking a guy out then killing him with his own gun. I start plotting like a mad man planing every move in my upcoming battle. I will grab the chair with my right hand and swing on the biggest guy on my right while starting to kneel so if shots are fired they may shoot each other over my head. The man behind me will be second, with a charge into the wall using the chair as a ram. The boss will be taken out with the hammer hanging on the wall after I charge the second body-guard into the wall. I will grab the hammer with my right hand pivot crouch to doge fire and heave the hammer at his face.

My hands tighten around the chair and I say “God hates a coward” to myself. My muscles tense and I ready for the fight of my life.

Will I survive?  Probably since I wrote this but how the hell did I do it?  Buy my book to find out.  Link below

Hope you enjoyed my rough draft


21 thoughts on “Death Wish

  1. Don’t sweat the spell check! 🙂 I have to use TTS for the blind, You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve been accused of saying. Loved your post, by the way!

  2. Loved this post! Had me hooked from the start!
    Your blog seems so interesting! I love blogs like this, can’t wait to read more!
    Thanks a lot for the follow!!
    Aaran 🙂

  3. I am so touched by your beautiful honesty. Raw stuff here. I think I just became your newest fan. Oh My.. almost forgot.. I came by to thank you for following my Lady Barefoot Baroness blog. I look forward to future reads here, and your comments. ~ BB

  4. Wow, I was pulled into that story quickly and that’s what every writer wants of their work. Kudos! Thanks for finding me so I could find you!

  5. Your words give me a glimps into a life I can’t begin to imagine. I’m glad you are losing your death wish. It’s a start, the first step.
    Good luck with your book.

  6. I was immediately stunned and fascinated by your masterpiece 😀
    The moment I started reading this, I just can’t stop myself from reading till the end. Please keep writing! I’m a fan of your work already! Oh, and thank you for following and liking my blog 😀

  7. I have known people who write about happy things and how fantastic their lives are when in reality, there are cheating spouses and realities that have nothing happy about them. It is a hard life you have lived with some choices that may have not the best for your longevity. But you have made it so more kudos to you.

  8. This piece is really compelling! As an addict, it reminds me how lucky I’ve been to get clean when I did and how I’d better keep working my ass off to stay that way! Thanks also for coming by and following me at Not This Song.

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